Learning And Serving At Everitt

EVERITT MIDDLE SCHOOL TEACHER ANGELA NEVE AND HER STUDENTS are engaged in a new elective course called Service Learning, which shows students how to help their community using a nonprofit business model. PHOTO: BRENDA RITZ

Learning in Jeffco changes more every year and Everitt Middle School is keeping pace. There is a new class offered at Everitt this year. Angela Neve just began an elective course called Service Learning.

“This is the second semester at Everitt for the class… I have high hopes for its continued success. This experience is one where the students are called upon to make a difference.”

Neve has been at Everitt for more than 20 years and is incredibly passionate about the school and the students. However, this particular class is a new venture for her.

“I am learning as I go,” she says, and her vision is to teach kids how to serve and take care of the community. “I want to help the kids get into the mindset that we are going into the world and need to help humanity.”

“I like to have the  kids think about the class as more of a business. I am trying to teach about marketing strategies, budget and planning. The idea is for the kids to think about this as a 401(c)(3) business. Not many kids understand that there are ways to make a career while also helping people.” 

This seasoned teacher is passionate about the students at Everitt regardless of their background.

“Some kids come from tough situations. I am trying to build stronger people and to make them realize that they are stronger than they think.”

This type of class falls into the project-based learning (PBL) style of teaching and learning.

“I believe that hands-on learning is key to all learning. The curriculum consists of two service projects. While she would love to be able to do more with this class, it is tough with all of my other classes and the budget constraints.”

“I am fortunate that sometimes I will get some help from my colleagues like Ms. Grice and from parents through volunteering and donations. But it can be a struggle to get what we need sometimes.” 

The current service project centers around giving gifts to kids at Children’s Hospital.

“We want to be able to give kids that are going through a tough time something snuggly to make them feel like they are getting a hug.”

If you would like to donate new fleece fabric by the yard or new stuffed animals, please email Angela Neve, angela.neve@jeffco.k12.co.us, or call the front desk at Everitt Middle school, 303-982-1580, for more information on how to help.

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