Kevin Schwandt Is ‘Honored’ To Continue Long-Time Local Dental Practice

Dr. Kevin Schwandt

One of the most innovative dentists in the country has chosen Wheat Ridge as the place to set up shop. Dr. Kevin Schwandt first came to Wheat Ridge in 2017. He had the opportunity to relocate here through the corporate dental entity he was with at the time and he jumped at the chance. 

“I grew up in the absolute flattest area of Minnesota and maybe even all of North America,” said Schwandt. “As a family, growing up, we would make annual ski trips out to the Rockies and I just fell in love with the mountains and knew that eventually I would have to live amongst them.”

The other factor in his decision to come here was about the community.

“The feeling of the melting pot of people and the love and appreciation of nature was really one of the other main draws. I knew that the Denver area was where I would end up eventually.” 

Many consider Wheat Ridge to be a very family-oriented community. Schwandt is not quite there in his life path. So, why Wheat Ridge?

“When the corporate dental company I worked for in Minnesota had openings in metro Denver, I looked at the location of Wheat Ridge and the proximity to the mountains, the city, ease of access and I just really thought that this was the sweet spot of the whole Denver metro area.” 

“So, in 2017, I was offered the opportunity to work alongside the original owner, Dr. Floyd Sekiya, who founded the practice in 1986. That was when I first started to meet the people of Wheat Ridge. I was just blown away by the quality of people here. Everyone is just so down to earth, super kind, warm and welcoming… Just a great blend of smart and easy-going people.”

After some time working in a few areas around Denver, in 2020 Schwandt made the commitment to buy the office from Dr. Sheldon Omi, who had purchased the office from Sekiya a few years prior. That connection then made the transition for Schwandt to take over the space and practice a smooth one. 

“I am honored to have the opportunity to take over for a locally owned dental office that has already established roots over the last 37 years. My goal as someone new to the area is to really contribute and not just take from the community. I am here to truly serve for the next 30 years and to maintain that stability and loyalty to the area. And then to also expand the office and practice to fully serve those in the Wheat Ridge area, those all around Colorado and even those outside of the state that will travel for this level of care. It is all right here in Wheat Ridge. I am excited to be here and for the future.”

Reclaim Integrative Dentistry & Implant Center is located at 7900 W. 44th Ave., #101, in Wheat Ridge. Call 303-228-5488 or visit for information.

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