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25TH AND GRAY STREET WAS THE EDGEWATER FIRE DEPARTMENT’S HOME until 2012. Today, that site hosts Edgewater Beer Garden, which does a fantastic job of remembering the past. PHOTOS COURTESY CITY OF EDGEWATER

Like the wings of the Phoenix, flapping flames rise from the outdoor pits. New life is returning in the once city-center of Edgewater with the new addition of the Edgewater Beer Garden. This location was once the City Hall, Library and Fire Department of our city. I am a fan of when the community remembers its past to shape its future. 

In 1915, Edgewater Fire Department was the 13th fire company to organize in Colorado. In 1932, Edgewater Fire Department made the 25th and Gray Street location its permanent home where it remained until 2012. Edgewater Beer Garden does a fantastic job of remembering the past. The past is acknowledged with a vintage fire department mural, the original ladders hanging from the ceiling and the antique firehouse bell still on display as it has been for decades. 

I took a moment to speak to the General Manager Casey Kirk. City Street Investors, which also owns Sloan’s Bar and Grill, are very cognizant of the Edgewater vibe. During our discussion, Casey expressed the goal of Edgewater Beer Garden was to be a communal meeting spot. Their goal is to have it as an extension of your back patio – “Enjoy our space, we will do the cooking and cleaning.” The spot is family friendly and set up in the old German beer hall fashion. The patio is open to your well-behaved four-legged friends. He noted how already it is becoming a tight-knit space and how much local support has been given. He commented on how pedestrian the clientele was, people walking from all directions to reignite this once city center.

As a small business owner, I understand some of the challenges of the last few years. As an Edgewater City Council member, it is a goal of mine to support small businesses and advocate for their success. These businesses define our character. Staffing, as for many companies, has been one of the foremost challenges for the Beer Garden. A creative labor policy has been the implementation of a service fee model. This gives their team a fair and equitable employment opportunity by ensuring all team members are evenly compensated with their 18 percent service fee.

Over the last decade, with community staples like Joyride Brewery, Edgewater Inn, Sloan’s and Providence Tavern, the Edgewater Historic 25th Avenue is becoming a destination within the Denver metro area for grabbing a bite and a beer. With the current global events now, more than ever, it is important to support our local businesses. These communal meeting spots are the foundation of our community. Keep it local Edgewater and enjoy a pint while doing so! 

Contact Councilmember Bill Berg at or 734-904-7816.

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