It’s Always A Great Time To Thank People

Neighborhood Gazette Publisher Guy Nahmiach

Thank you Clancy’s for putting on another amazing St. Patrick’s Day festival. Four thousand people came through the doors, paying an easy $3 entry fee, which raised $12,000, of which more than half went to two charities and the rest helped pay for the tents. The event attracted a huge amount of people from outside of our town to spend their dollars here in our city.

A big thanks of course from every place along 38th that was filled above capacity. Especially Colorado Plus and the new kid in town, Mestizo, that struggled to keep up with the crowds. In fact, the overflow had to be managed by Wheat Ridge Police as people were crossing the street into Colorado Plus – it was their biggest weekend of the year thanks to Clancy’s.

Of course thank you for taking on the brunt of neighbors who started complaining weeks before the music even started. Colorado’s oldest Irish Pub is right here in Wheat Ridge, sharing the wealth with everyone. The city thanks you, Clancy’s.

Thank you to all our Jeffco educators and staff that come in day in and day out. A special thanks to all our resource officers that keep our schools safe as well as to our board of education that voted to keep them in our schools. Of course thank you to students and their families that endure the changes and challenges of attending a public school. 

Thank you City of Wheat Ridge: For always considering and asking the opinions of its citizens, from polls to questionnaires. Public meetings, web-based platforms where we can learn and provide input on upcoming projects. Year-long surveys about the future of the city. Spending five years discussing in chamber, in public, in writing and online the issue of accessory  dwelling units (ADUs), short-term rentals and other important decisions prior to making them (depending on citizen input) ordinances. You can choose not to participate, but don’t ever complain that you weren’t asked. 

And finally, thank you Lutheran Hospital: Sometimes life has other plans for you. It sure did for me. Being a patient at Lutheran for nine days was not what I had in mind in terms of a ski vacation, but there was no doubt that I was in the right place to get the help that I needed. The level of care was second to none and when I was in my darkest and lowest point of almost no return, it was the doctors and nurses that pulled me out and gave me hope and a new lease on life. I am forever thankful.

There’s no need to wait for special occasions to thank anyone. Who are you thankful for? Of course I am forever thankful for you, for … always reading.

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