Important Updates: Right of Way, Communication And Election Guidelines

Hello Edgewater! I’m going to cover a few things I’ve heard from many of you about consistently since I started serving on our city council. Alright, here we go.

Right Of Way

Most of us think of “right of way” applying to who has the right to move first on streets. However, it also denotes land that the city owns and property owners manage. Sidewalks fall on such land, as do the strips between sidewalks and the street, as well as some land on the other side of the sidewalk into homeowners’ front yards.

If you have questions about this, you can contact Kit Lammers, Community Services Director, at (720) 763-3008 or

Also, as it is election season soon, remember that signs, including political yard signs, are not allowed in the right of way.

How To Reach Out To Us

City council and the mayor’s emails are at We all serve at-large, and there’s no more validity to emailing us one-by-one versus all at once. During a council meeting, community members have several opportunities for public comment, either generally (look for “Public Comment (Non Agenda Items)” on the agenda) or specific to an agenda item as it comes up. Comment is generally limited to three minutes, there is no advance registration necessary, and in-person versus virtual comment are both great. We can also provide interpretation with advance notice.

Be sure to sign up for the Town Cryer at to get meeting notices; they are also posted at the Civic Center and posting board located at the 25th Avenue and Sheridan parking lot. 

Canvassing, Peddling & Solicitation

Local elections for several positions in Edgewater and our region are happening this fall. Candidates and other political canvassers have a legal right to knock on doors, even if you have a “no soliciting” sign up. 

However, anyone who is selling anything at your door should have a peddler’s or solicitor’s license and corresponding badge or permit and can only engage in such activities from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. They should provide their badge or permit if you request it and must comply with any postings on your property requesting no solicitation. Violations can be reported to the office of the City Clerk at (720) 763-3002 or on the Ask Edgewater app. 

Hope this all helps! Enjoy the start of fall, harvesting your Edgewater gardens, and I hope to see you all soon at our Hometown Festival on Saturday, Sept. 23. And reach out anytime!

Hannah Gay Keao has served on Edgewater City Council since 2021. You can connect with her at or (970) 515-3842.

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