If It’s Edgewater This Must Be Belgian

THE BEERS OF BELGIUM ARE BARQUENTINE BREWING CO.’S INSPIRATION. The family-owned brewery is in the Edgewater Market, serving from 14 taps, and next door to an eclectic food court. PHOTO: J. PATRICK O’LEARY

Barquentine Brewing Co., in the Edgewater Market, bills itself as a family-owned brewery with recipes drawn from tradition and “inspired by the beers of Belgium and the sailing ships, called Barquentines, that brought Old World brewers their provisions.”

I’m partial to Belgian ales, and am always on the lookout for anything real and purporting to be “in the style of.” And since Wheat Ridge’s Live Slow Brewing Co. won’t actually be opening until summer, Barquentine was the next newest of the local breweries to review. 

The beer menu is the same as on the web – no “seasonal” offerings, per our server – so my wife and I perused the list and picked a flight of what seemed apropos for a late November afternoon of falling temperatures and skies threatening to spit snow: 

  • Splice the Mainbrace, billed as a dark tavern ale with notes of dark cocoa and toasted chestnuts. If you like coffee ales, you’ll like this.
  • Quadrupel, Abbey-style dark strong ale. “Makes me happy, reminds me of Laramie,” was my wife’s verdict. No, Laramie doesn’t have a taste, but it’s where we had our first real Trappist ale.
  • Footie Pajammies, a Brune ale made from caramelized and kilned barley. The menu listed burnt sugar aroma and fig flavor. Maybe so. I just enjoyed it. 
  • You Rest, You Rust, a Bière de Garde – French amber ale, a close cousin to the Belgian saison, per the menu. It reminded my wife of marzipan (but not sugary, by any means). Our favorite of the four, so we bought a pack to go.

There’s more, of course: lagers, sours, IPAs and even a gluten-free Saison (made with millet and buckwheat).

Per the sign outside, you’re welcome to bring in the food purchased elsewhere in the market – empanadas, Venezuelan food, mac ‘n cheese, pizza, chicken and more. Or you can take your drink into the food court, or within the bounded outdoor seating area.

Who: Barquentine Brewing Co.

Where: 5505 W. 20th Ave., Ste 178, Edgewater (Edgewater Market)

Hours: Mon.-Thurs. noon-9 p.m.; Fri.-Sat. 11 a.m.-10 p.m.; Sun. 11 a.m.-9 p.m.

Beer: 14 on tap (per menu), plus cans in the cooler.

Food: 14 vendors next door inside Edgewater Market.

Info: www.barquentinebrewing.com, 303-955-1238. 

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