I Will Talk To Anyone About Anything

Neighborhood Gazette Publisher Guy Nahmiach

June is here and not a minute too soon. May was a tough month to swallow, with senseless crime, selfish politics, insane property taxes and the end of an era for some of our schools. Of course, let’s not forget the crazy rains and the rabbits that invaded our gardens. It’s like the modern version of the Passover plagues all over again.

June on the other hand promises to be the start of a great summer. The Neighborhood Gazette has increased the number of events we sponsor, including the Blues and BBQ for Better Housing in Edgewater on July 15. Themed as the Summer of Soul, it will feature amazing live bands, raising dollars for Habitat for Humanity. It should be an outstanding event for the whole family. 

We will also be a supporting sponsor of the 54th annual Carnation Festival, right here in Wheat Ridge. We will once again have a booth that will host guest conversationalists – local business owners, politicians, educators, gardeners and many more – who will talk to anyone about anything. Bring us your topics that you’ve been seeking answers to and issues that have been bothering you. We are ready to debate, argue and even find solutions for those in need of one. 

There are so many debates that define who we are as a city. Some politicians have defined their careers on issues that come back over and over with no answer in sight. How many waste management companies do we need? How many bike lanes are needed? How many car lanes should be eliminated? How many schools are too many? How many times do we need to ask the community the same questions over and over again? How many potholes are too many? Just how many business organizations do we have and why can’t they just get along? How many art groups do we need? The list of questions is endless and the road to answers is only as fun as the person riding shotgun with you on that road trip.

Bring us your questions, because I will talk to anyone about anything.

As always, thanks for reading.

Contact Neighborhood Gazette Publisher Guy Nahmiach at WRGazette@gmail.com or 303-999-5789.

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