How Has Your Life Or Perspective Changed?

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Since the COVID-19 virus was first reported in Wuhan, China, on Dec. 31, 2019, its deadly wrath has controlled day-to-day lives worldwide. Adhering to restrictions and health mandates significantly altered and ultimately changed how people learned, worked and interacted. With the formidable Colorado restrictions and imposed county health dictates this year, is it possible that people discovered personal changes or developed a new outlook on life?

Recently, a dozen community members were asked the question, “Over this year, during the global pandemic, has your life or perspective changed? If so, how?” Interestingly, each individual paused, pondered and responded, “Yes.” Although, there was no common thread among their responses, overwhelmingly, at the core of their remarks, was the actualization of a welcomed change in personal behavior.

One community member loyal to her early morning walk replied, “I have changed. I realize how much I appreciate interaction with other people. I’ve always considered myself a shy person, but these days, I have no problem introducing myself or welcoming others into my neighborhood.”

A retiree articulated optimism. He shared the reality that his married son and family unexpectedly moved out of state. “During this year, I was forced to be more adaptive. I don’t know if that will continue to be the case, but now, I think I can accept just about anything facing me in the future.” “Yes, I’ve been forced to change due to COVID. I had to disconnect from my daily calendar,” said a former town council member. “So currently, I list my weekly projects and scheduled appointments. As a result, I reprioritize tasks or shuffle appointments. By making this shift, I realize I am more in the moment, which is what I value.”

Lastly, Mayor Glenn Levy stated, “There have been changes in the town as a result of COVID-19. Continuing official business and working to keep people safe during the pandemic has posed unique challenges.” “We’ve maintained a remote meeting format, limited social events, instituted new safety protocols at our businesses and Mountain View Town Hall.” “Many residents behaved responsibly during this scourge. With the renewal of spring, they’re ready to move past the pandemic.” As an advocate for the vaccine, Levy added, “I’m looking forward to taking steps back towards normalcy as well.”

Presently, with the movement from virtual experience to more spontaneous activity, it’s timely to assess the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. If the question hasn’t crossed your mind, ask yourself, “Over this year, during the global pandemic, has your life or perspective changed? If so, how?” The discovery may favor post-pandemic life.

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