Giving Where She Works to Make a Difference


Shelley Miller began her nursing career in 1980. This November marked 33 years of serving patients at Lutheran Medical Center, with more than two decades dedicated to hospice care. Shelley has watched the development and growth of hospice care over her career and has appreciated witnessing its advancing significance and presence in healthcare. She believes specialized hospice services allow patients and their families to have a choice in end-of-life care, helping those who have reached that point to die with dignity and comfort.  

Shelley also recognizes the importance of continuing education and pursuing career advancement opportunities. To help support such invaluable endeavors for herself and others in the profession, Shelly has been a long-time, generous donor to the Lutheran Foundation through the Caring Spirit program, which allows caregivers to donate to their chosen designated fund.  

Caregivers can allocate funds to specific services and programs, including hospice, bereavement, cancer services, mom-baby or greatest need, to name a few. Shelley spreads her generosity among many programs, with special sentiments toward the Caregiver Humanitarian Fund, which provides financial assistance to caregivers in times of emergency, the Hospice and Palliative Care Fund and Friends of Nursing, which helps offer educational opportunities and other needs for nursing staff.  

This last year, Shelley required significant care at Lutheran, and she was grateful to be looked after by her trusted colleagues and friends. The exceptional care she received inspired her to also give through the Foundation’s Circle of Care program, honoring caregivers who helped during her time of need.  

When asked why she gives, Shelley explains that it is her personal responsibility, and that giving back is one of her core values. She believes that “if you choose to belong to something, there is a give and take,” with that often being time, talent and money.  

Shelley chooses to work at Lutheran and feels that being a member of the hospital also means devoting herself to its community. Shelley has made great strides in fostering holistic, compassionate care to the community, particularly hospice, including teaching and guiding younger generations of nurses to continue Lutheran’s culture of excellence.  

The Lutheran Foundation thanks Shelley and the hundreds of caregivers who give not only their time and talent but also their hard-earned money to where they work. We could not do what we do without you, and wish you all the happiest holidays!

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