Getting to Know MountainView’s Town Administrator, John Beltrone

  • Tell us a little bit about you – what are your favorite things to do in Colorado? What does your perfect day look like? 

My wife and I spend most of our free time at playgrounds, practices, and PTA as we raise our two young children. I like to ride my bike whenever possible and enjoy traveling around the state to find new hiking spots.

I had a nearly perfect day earlier this month. It included skiing on fresh powder, seeing my favorite jazz musician perform live, and finishing the day watching a college basketball game with friends and family. It would have been perfect if only my team had won!

  • You previously served as Mayor and Council Member for the City of Edgewater – what was one of your biggest takeaways from your time there? 

Local government allows you to impact people’s lives every day and gives you the opportunity to make transformative changes over the long term. Edgewater saw this with the construction of their Civic Center in 2018. After years of planning, the building has become a vibrant community gathering spot and expanded much needed services for the community and surrounding area.

  • What drew you to the position of Town Administrator of Mountain View?

I was drawn by the chance to work at the local level full-time. Previously, I spent the last 9 years working in government operations at the federal level, for the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden. 

I am also excited for the opportunity to work in a brand-new role. Hiring a Town Administrator represents a shift in thinking about how the town operates. Rather than having the mayor be responsible for leading both town council and staff, the duties would be separated, which is considered a best practice.

  • What do you see as Mountain View’s biggest challenges in 2024? 

Mountain View shares many of the same challenges that the region faces with the rise of new opioids, a surge in migration, and affordable housing. One challenge that impacts Mountain View more than others is the decline of sales tax revenue from retail marijuana. The town is working through these challenges by collaborating with our partners, developing long-term financial plans and making strategic community investments.

  • What are your priorities for your first year as Town Administrator? 

My role is to execute the priorities of the Town Council and the community. The Council’s 2024 goals aim to enhance Town Hall professionalism, prioritize community safety, maintain infrastructure, and foster economic health. Town staff have collaborated to develop a new annual work plan to accomplish these goals while working within the annual budget. Highlights of the 2024 work plan include helping determine a path forward for the Town Hall remodel as well as completing and implementing the Town’s Comprehensive Plan.

  • What is your favorite thing about Mountain View? 

Mountain View residents have a strong sense of community spirit and a unique passion for helping to make the town better. Combining this with the beauty of nearby mountains and cultural amenities of the metro area make Mountain View an exceptional place to live and work.

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