For Goodness Sake

Neighborhood Gazette Publisher Guy Nahmiach

Wheat Ridge has always been a place of conversations. From 1969, when there were debates, door knocking and map drawing, defining our future and determining our identity against those larger cities wanting to impose themselves on our community. 

The pendulum has swung from one side to the other. There were conservative years where spending was at a bare minimum. We swung from boarded up storefronts, no development and comparatively low home values to the opposite, with large and ambitious projects planned for more parts of the city. We went from the citizens, neighbors and politicians divided literally by a road project, to the years of the 2B initiatives where taxpayers agreed to fund park projects, bike paths and an increased level of city services to its citizens. 

We seem to be living in more mellow times where extreme personal opinions have been mostly replaced with movements and energy spent for the betterment of the community as a whole. 

Was it COVID that kept the angry ones away? The days of yelling and shouting at council meetings are largely gone. Zoom probably had a less satisfying effect than those sharing extreme and accusatory feelings at council meetings for three minutes. After all, you’re just now yelling in your own home. Maybe we are now feeling fortunate to be alive and with our friends and families. I do hear the occasional, “Guy, you seem more mellow these days.”

Looking back now I know I’d be reacting differently to the Jeffco School District having a $40 million error in their budget this year. Imagine the programs people were counting on, based on having that $40 million. What would happen if you made a $40 million error at your job? 

I’d probably also be angry with the Colorado Department of Education considering lowering standards in our classrooms so as to have less students fail in our schools. 

It’ll be a different story next time the board of education asks for a $576 million bond.

Instead of focusing on the negative we choose to continue the good work of this newspaper and highlight neighborhood champions and local artists. The history and pride of small towns like Wheat Ridge, Edgewater and Mountain View are the foundation of this country. Neighbors helping neighbors. Local businesses like Clancy’s Irish Pub that put on a three-day extravaganza of Saint Patrick’s Day festivities. 

Finally I’m once again debating the topic of daylight saving time and the chance of one of the two options becoming a permanent fixture. Personally I love the morning darkness and the ability to enjoy extended daylight in the evening. Whether you’re walking, on a bike or just enjoying a glass of wine at Audacity’s front porch or even spending more time on my farm with my ladies. Love the longer days. Happy spring to all.

As always, thanks for reading.

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