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ONE OF THE FACC’S MEMBERS’ sons helping Benefits in Action deliver groceries to fellow Coloradans! PHOTO FROM FACEBOOK.COM/THEFACC

Hello City of Edgewater! We would like to take the time to introduce ourselves, the Filipino American Community of Colorado (FACC), to the community of Edgewater. The FACC is one of the oldest Asian-American communities in Colorado, established in 1954. Our original mission is to create a community which preserves and shares Filipino heritage and culture. We also strive and have a focus on our community, “to be an engaged and positive community partner.”

Over the past two years at the FACC Community Center (named Bahay Kubo), FACC has hosted a 9News Health Fair, vaccination clinics, a COVID-19 testing site, organized warm clothing drives for the homeless, homeless food and care backpacks, voter registration, immigration assistance and meal preparation for the Denver Children’s Home.

In addition, we also have delivered food to Jefferson County Action Center, Food Grocery Delivery Service for Benefits in Action and volunteered for events for the City of Edgewater. The FACC Cultural Dance Performance group has been featured at many city events – including the Hometown Festival.

Sharing our culture within the community is vital, and we hope to see you in 2022, at more events and other volunteer opportunities with the Community Center and City of Edgewater!

We would like to invite the City of Edgewater to a couple of upcoming events at the FACC:

• April 17: Easter Egg Hunt at Bahay Kubo

• May 14 and 15: 1st Annual Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month at the Denver Zoo.

• June 11 and 12: Annual Philippine Festival

More information about our upcoming events can be found at, on Instagram @TheFACC and Our Bahay Kubo (Community Center) is located at 1900 Harlan St. – right next to the Edgewater Civic Center. Our Bahay Kubo is also available for event rentals.

If you have questions about our community, event rentals, or corporate sponsorship for our Philippine Festival, please email Domingo at

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