Feed Your Soul Fitness: Not Your Average Training Studio

Mountain View residents are lucky to be able to walk to a very special training studio, aptly named, “Feed Your Soul Fitness,” and sometimes referred to as “FYSF” for short.

Owner Brandy Martin described the goals of the studio by saying, “We help busy, care-taking women feel better and be healthier with sustainable fitness & nutrition. We’re here for the people who are wanting guidance in proper form and desire the energy of small groups. We tend to appeal to women mainly because women are seeking out a safe space in a non-competitive community. They can let their guard down and take the ‘me-time’ they deserve. We want to help people in their journey toward wellness, and they get to define what wellness looks like to them. It’s not the same for everyone.”

The training studio feels like a labor of love when you walk in, and has been successfully helping people of all ages, sizes and abilities for the past nine years.

Located in a long low building on the South side of West 44th Avenue, between Depew and Chase streets, the training studio is a large, comfortable, open room that features no machines and no mirrors. FYSF proudly provides functional fitness, and in their philosophy, that means functionally moving the body to mirror day-to-day life. Strength training is the focus and creating a mind-body connection is vital.

Like many small business owners, Martin has a bold vision and is dedicated and tireless in her efforts. But the truth is, her business is anything but ordinary because Brandy Martin herself is anything but ordinary. Town resident and FYSF client Vanessa Kauffman Zimmerly, when asked if she knew Brandy Martin, laughed and said emphatically, “Brandy from Feed Your Soul? Of course! Working with Brandy changed my life.”

Which makes sense when you get to know the FYSF community. Martin stated that her goals for her members are not to just build strength and increase stamina, but to also, “ensure emotionally and mentally, people feed their souls too!”

Some of the programs and services offered by the training studio include: small group training, personal training, nutrition programs, challenges and workshops.

The studio offers both in-person and online programs and services, so people can find the option that best fits their needs. Readers can find more information by scanning the QR code in the flyer nearby, or going to the website at www.FeedYourSoulFitness.com.

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