Favorite Happy Hour – And The Winner Is…

Misty, Liz and, of course, we never forget Phil at Clancy's, where every hour is Happy Hour. Photo by Guy Nahmiach

We asked you to share with us your favorite Happy Hour place: a place where friends gather, a place where co-workers unwind. Tasty cocktails, cold beer, good food and lively music. You flooded us with answers. But it is clear where almost everyone is going. Clancy’s Irish Pub at 7000 W. 38th Avenue right here in Wheat Ridge. Colorado’s oldest Irish Pub and the place of exciting festivities this coming Saint Patrick’s Day. 

In fact, did you know that Clancy’s kitchen grills over 30,000 hamburgers a year? They prepare 36,000 sandwiches, more than 10,000 spring rolls and pour more than 38,000 glasses of draft beer and 9,000 shots of whisky. Talk about a Happy Hour!

The runner up place was another local favorite. Wolf + Wildflower is a wine bar that has grown into a favorite hangout for those interested in learning about and tasting wines from around the world. Located at 7190 W. 38th Avenue in Wheat Ridge. Taste and order a glass or buy a bottle to take home. It’s definitely a Happy Hour place.

Next month we want to feature your favorite vegetarian place in the Wheat Ridge area. Healthy menus are more popular than ever these days. It doesn’t have to be a 100% vegetarian menu,  but a place with a good collection of veggie prepared meals. Write to us at WRgazette@gmail or find us on social media @neighborhood.gazette on Instagram and @NeighborhoodGzt on X (Twitter). 

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