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I don’t know about you, but I got downright creaky during the last year or so, both physically and mentally. From what I read, I’m not alone. Similar changes afflicted millions of Americans in varying degrees. How to get rid of those five to 10 extra pounds and recurring brain fog are much-discussed issues these days.

Experts say one quick way to beat the post-COVID-19 slump is to force ourselves to be active and get engaged with new social activity. Therein lies the purpose of this column. Volunteering is an oft mentioned way to set you on the road to re-emergence. The Wheat Ridge Historical Society has plenty of fascinating volunteer opportunities. Here’s just a small sampling:

  • Like to garden? Our weeds are calling you! Volunteer in our pioneer garden and be rewarded with some of its bounty in late summer!
  • Have an eye for tidying up and making rooms sparkle? We have five buildings that continually need dusting, sweeping and polishing!
  • Continually getting lost in books? Our librarian could sure use some help sorting all our antique books. (Just kidding; we don’t have a librarian. You get the point.)
  • Love old quilts and clothing, basically any kind of fabric? We have quilts, aprons, adult and children’s clothing desperately in need of curating. We have the specific supplies, but lack the human-power to accomplish our goals. Curating know-how will follow you home.
  • Consider yourself slightly yet perfectly OCD? As caretakers of the Judge Samuel Johnson (of Johnson Cabin fame) Collection, we want his prodigious collection of documents, photos, books and letters that help tell the early story of the area in good order. Get inside this luminary’s mind as you sort and catalogue his personal papers. (Actually, you can apply your OCD tendencies to any number of projects in need of attention.)
  • Have IT and website experience? You will never experience a higher level of appreciation than you will garner if you spend some time helping to redesign our website. (And we may have some funding available for you if you stick around as web master.)
  • Fighting boredom but fear long-term commitment? We have a million moderately effortless projects on our list that we just can’t get to – things like sorting old photos or documents, linens, doll house furniture, etc.
  • Does verbiage flow out of you while in front of an audience? We’ve recently found out the city, citing its need to streamline the budget, plans to reduce our paid docent hours, so we must implement a program to train volunteer tour guides. Get in on the ground floor of this important new approach to serve the public.

Contact the WRHS by any of the means listed below. You’ll broaden your horizons, extend your life-long learning, and feel the satisfaction of helping a worthy organization move closer to its goals.

Historical Park museums are open Tuesday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Tour guides are available during those hours. Groups can call 303-421-9111 to book a specific time. Learn more at our website: WheatRidgeHistoricalSociety.org, or drop us an email at: WRHistorical@gmail.com

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