Edgewater Community Survey

We would like to thank all the residents who participated in the 2021 Edgewater Community Survey! The feedback we received will help establish the next two years of strategic planning decisions and areas of growth.

Community surveys give the City of Edgewater a current pulse on community trends and what is important to our collective community. With time, the survey’s value grows, and the results become stitched year after year into the way we work with the community and elected officials.

The 2021 Community Survey was conducted by Probolsky Research, a Latina- and woman-owned market and opinion research firm. The interviews were performed online and accommodated several residents who called our offices requesting to complete the survey by phone. Participants were invited by email and text message as well as a postcard mailed to all residents. Respondents chose their preferred language, English (97 percent) and Spanish (3 percent). The survey was accessible by computer, tablet and smartphone. Security measures precluded individuals from completing the survey more than once.

To view all the results, head to: www.EdgewaterCO.com/Survey

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