Dynamic Duo – Directors and Donors

Dr. Betsy Brew and her husband, Bob Van Wetter pose for a photo in Patagonia in January 2022.

Dr. Betsy Brew and her husband, Bob Van Wetter, moved to Wheat Ridge in 1996, settling into a home close to Lutheran Medical Center, where Betsy would devote most of her career. After completing her surgical residency at the University of Colorado, Dr. Brew joined Foothills Surgical Associates, which would later become Surgical Specialists of Colorado.  

Dr. Brew was involved in the early stages of the Lutheran Breast Center and, for 27 years, dedicated her surgical expertise to Lutheran’s community. Betsy remarks: “Over the years, I grew to appreciate the culture of caring Lutheran provides. The medical staff is uniquely supportive of each other. The administration has always prioritized patient care and medical staff support. I feel so lucky that I was able to have a surgical career in such an environment.” 

Bob started an investment advisory firm in Denver and is proud to have run and grown a successful business, and even more proud of being an involved parent and active community member. Bob and Betsy have three children, one was born at Lutheran and two graduated from Wheat Ridge High School. Between Dr. Brew’s career and their children’s upbringing in Wheat Ridge, Bob and Betsy spent significant time in the community, including at what they consider their community hospital, Lutheran, whether they were providing care (in the case of Betsy), seeking personal care for their family, or participating in events, activities, and volunteering.  

Bob and Betsy enjoyed regularly attending events such as the White Rose Evening to support Lutheran Hospice and the Heroes of Hope Cancer Survivor’s Race, often bringing their children along. Although Betsy served on many hospital committees throughout her career, she is most proud of her service to the Lutheran Foundation Board, beginning in 2016 and serving as Chair in 2022. Van Wetter started serving on the Foundation Board of Directors in 2018, filled the role of Treasurer in 2022, and succeeded Betsy as Chair in 2023, following her departure.  

Dr. Brew considers one of her most significant accomplishments to be including her husband, Bob, in the Foundation work. Betsy believes it helped Bob learn and appreciate the value of the hospital in their backyard. In turn, he contributed time and money to the Foundation and the work being done, including fundraising for the new hospital. The dynamic duo partnered as directors of and donors to the Foundation Board.  

Bob and Betsy expressed that they “support the Lutheran Foundation because the hospital is such an important resource for our health and community. We hope our gift will help continue the work we did on the Foundation and encourage others to give freely of their time and money.”  

The hospital relies on physicians, caregivers, patients, and community support to ensure we can meet the healthcare needs of those we serve. We especially appreciate when giving back is a family affair. Bob and Betsy contributed tremendously to the hospital and Foundation, leaving their mark on Lutheran’s legacy to see it continue. 

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