‘Dogs On Display’ To Challenge Canines, Amuse Onlookers

I’ve had at least one dog, sometimes more, for most of my life. I love ‘em. Dogs possess such dedication and have interesting, sometimes quirky, personalities. I had a golden retriever once that I could send into my house to check each room and make sure it was safe before I entered; that’s an important luxury for a young woman living alone. 

Later, I had a corgi who compulsively watched television, waiting for animals to terrorize. She memorized the jingles in pet food commercials and would make a beeline to the TV to savagely bark at the screen. The going got weird, though, when she developed an interest in sports. I began to notice that when football or soccer was on, she would bark furiously during plays. If track and field, golf, or a horse race was on, she watched with interest but didn’t make a peep (except to woof at the horses). I realized that if the action was calm or players were all moving in the same direction, she was content; anything resembling a disorganized scramble drove her nuts. There was never a dull moment with that dog; she kept me laughing, but I was always relieved I wasn’t a regular televised sports consumer.

Folks who enjoy dogs as much as I do should plan to bring their pooches to the next Second Saturday at the Baugh House, Sept. 10, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., where the Historical Society will host Dogs on Display. The day will offer dog enthusiasts and their canines a chance to compete in contests like Musical Sit, where several dogs and their owners parade around a circle; when the music stops, the last dog still standing is disqualified. The best sitter wins the prize. 

Another event sure to promote merriment is the Leave-it Race where leashed dogs with their handlers walk quickly at heel down a lane to the finish line. Sounds simple enough, but can they ignore a plate of hot dogs placed halfway through the course? The dogs that do win the prizes. Add a Best Trick contest that we expect to go far beyond “sit up,” a Costume Parade, Most Congenial, Biggest and Smallest competitions, and nearly every dog can take home a prize. Onlookers can delight in a great show. Along with the competitions, a special area will be set up for local pet stores, veterinarians, grooming and boarding services and adoption agencies to offer literature, coupons and free samples.

WRHS members who register can compete for free. Local residents will be asked for a $10 donation per pet to participate. All handlers must provide a current rabies shot record for dogs at registration and sign a waiver. Dogs must be on a leash at all times in accordance with city policies. 

If you’re interested in being part of this challenging, potentially hilarious day, email a request to the Historical Society at wrhistorical@gmail.com by Aug. 31 and put “Dogs on Display” in the subject line. We’ll get back to you with registration information and guidelines for the day.

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