Digital Vs Film

Since what seems like the beginning of time – or in the photography world, from 1816 to our current year – the way we capture moments is constantly changing. The first camera was invented back then, and it was known as the Niépce Heliograph. This big machine was very hard to operate, and it took days to print a photograph. That was all an extremely complicated process, and it was offered as an option of affordable photography for families.

But now, cameras are completely opposite of how they used to be. You can spend nearly $70 and have your pictures printed instantly, or if you want something more elegant, you pay thousands of dollars and are able to view the picture right away through the back of the screen. How did we survive before the digital age?

Not too long ago was the first release of the well-known mirrorless camera. The very first mirrorless camera was the Panasonic Lumix DMC-G1, and it was released in October 2008. From that point on, other vendors took the leap and began to create their own mirrorless cameras as well. They all saw the value in creating a camera that was lighter, faster and better quality. The well-known brand of Sony was the first to introduce a full-frame mirrorless camera, the α 7, in 2013. And a few years later, Nikon and Canon each launched full-frame mirrorless cameras in September 2018. It seems as though each vendor feels they need to stay on top of the game with better cameras and better lenses. There are many occasions when multiple vendors release new products on the same day, just to see who can steal the thunder.

We have quite an assortment of cameras. Sure, they range in age a little, but our vendors do keep making cameras that are made for everyone. From cameras that are small and simple to cameras that are bigger with many more functions, there is a way for everyone to capture their moments, with whatever it is that they choose to have.

Even for our film lovers, there is a demand for the old film cameras because people see the value in what they create and the knowledge they need to operate the camera. Many schools offer photography classes, and they require the students to have a film camera.

But still, the demand for digital cameras is much higher than film cameras. Who knows what we will be using to capture our sweet moments 50 years from now? With the way technology is heading, it could be a bigger phone, a smaller but faster camera or even a film camera. DSLR Cameras are not so popular currently or in the upcoming years, so my money says it is most likely to come down to a vote between mirrorless or film. What will it be?

Jennifer Pinckney is the Marketing and Social Content creator at Mike’s Camera.

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