Did You Know? Town Code 101

New Sidewalk and Alley Clearance to Begin

Section 11-01-040 of the Mountain View Town Code allows for the town to cut back any vegetation that has grown into the public right-of-way (such as the sidewalks, alleys, and streets) if the property owner does not take care of this themselves in a timely manner, after notification.

Code Enforcement will send a citation with photos where the vegetation is obstructing a portion of the right-of-way. Property owners will be given seven days to clear the vegetation and if the task is not accomplished, the town will clear the areas and bill the property owners.

The town may bill the property owners for the entire cost of the removal, plus fines and penalties.

Vegetation includes trees, shrubs, hedges, flowers, vines, etc. whether living or dead.

This includes vegetation that is too low to the ground (lower than seven feet clearance to walk or drive under) as well as any hanging or growing into any portion of the sidewalks.

Aspen Trees

Section 7-03-030 of the Mountain View Town Code, regarding nuisance trees, has been amended by the Council. Residents should now know that Aspen trees are prohibited to be planted in town, whether on private property or in the right-of-way areas beside the sidewalks. This is consistent with neighboring towns, and is because Aspen tree roots are invasive and tend to get entangled with sewer systems, causing problems for more than just the one property where they may have been planted. However, due to relatively new enforcement and the community’s prior lack awareness of the issues related to Aspen trees, the Council agreed to allow all previously planted Aspen trees to remain. After November 1, 2022, no new Aspens will be allowed and any that may be planted will be cited for removal.

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