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City of Edgewater Communications and Events Director Kalah Hardt
City of Edgewater Communications and Events Director (and neighbor!) Kalah Hardt

This year, we had a unique opportunity – to say the least – to reflect on what is most important to us! We got creative and discovered innovative ways a community could function while required to be distanced from each other. We crafted new ways to connect: We met neighbors on the street during walks around the neighborhood. We banded together to make sure our vulnerable neighbors got groceries, toilet paper and dinner. And we found a way to be closer to family and friends, without being in the same room, office or state. Although we were distanced, masked up and separated, we came together – making us stronger as an Edgewater community!

It now is our opportunity and our responsibility to keep that strength, support, and appreciation for each other going. We want to reconnect people with what we love most about Edgewater. We want to listen to your stories, share your experiences and create a bright future in Edgewater together. Most people say Edgewater has a “hometown feel” or describe us as “a small town next to the big city.” What do I think about Edgewater? Edgewater: Where Everyone is Your Neighbor. Let’s continue to truly be neighbors and make our city incredibly welcoming and special. Here are some ways we can work together to achieve a remarkable Edgewater for everyone!

Our Voices Matter

As community members, our participation in community decision-making and action is important. Our voices matter. So much is happening in Edgewater. We can make change and take action through meeting our neighbors, getting to know local business owners and employees, and chatting with our mayor and city council, city boards and commissions, and city staff.

Do you already have some ideas you want to share, but are not sure how? You can utilize AskEdgewater to create a submission about events, programs and ideas! Just go to or download the mobile app “AskEdgewater” and send us a note under “Crafting our Community.” It is a simple, fast and direct way for you to let your voice be heard! As we continue to come out of the pandemic, we are facing unique changes and new challenges. It can be tough sometimes to feel like we are being heard. Everyone in Edgewater has a voice. The first step is to get involved! Volunteer What is the best way to get involved?


Community service is an investment in our community and for all of us who love it. Creating comradery through service will continue to bring success for Edgewater and for our future. Working together to achieve a goal not only feels good, but can have a direct impact on many people. It can be intimidating to start, but I promise, it is worth it. First, ask yourself if there is something specific you want to do. For example, do I want…

  • to make it a more beautiful Edgewater?
  • to meet neighbors who are different from me?
  • to do something beneficial with my spare time?

The best way to volunteer is to match your personality and interests. Having answers to these questions will help you narrow down your search. You can also reach out to city staff to see what volunteer opportunities are available with the city. We are always looking to involve the community in the work we do!

Volunteering strengthens our community and brings people together; it also benefits YOU! Volunteering provides physical and mental rewards. You will get moving more and it provides a space for you to do good, making you a bit happier! You will gain professional experience, especially in things you are interested in. It promotes personal growth and creates an understanding of community needs, which helps foster empathy and value. Volunteers are incredibly valuable: they help the city save resources and increase our capacity to serve the community.

If you are interested in joining our group of amazing volunteers, email Monique Bechard at

Attend A Community Event, Meeting Or Group

Edgewater may be small, but we have amazing events and host informative meetings. Come to Coffee & Conversation every other Friday for a cup of coffee and (the best part) free doughnuts! Coffee & Conversation is a long-standing tradition in Edgewater where you can meet your neighbors, talk about what Edgewater is up to, or learn about our community’s rich history. Sometimes we chat about the aspirations of our community and preserving our hometown feel.

Edgewater is also creating more events, both large and small! From the EcoEdgewater Park Party in May to a Movie in the Park (coming up June 26), we strive to bring residents and visitors together to strengthen our sense of community. City council meetings, and all board and commission meetings, are informative on the latest topics being addressed in Edgewater. Attending any one or all of these meetings gives you an opportunity to share your voice with the city and the neighbors that represent us.

If you have a passion for history or art, swing by a HARP (History, Arts, Parks, and Recreation Board) meeting. Want to save the planet? Our Sustainability Board does, too. We even have an amazing group of crocheting and knitting neighbors. Whatever you may be interested in, we are sure there is a place for you to explore it here in Edgewater!

Sign Up For An Activity Or Class

Are you interested in recreation or have you always wanted to try out a fitness class? is the hub for all our recreation activities and classes. The Edgewater Fitness Center offers adult classes and youth activities year-round. A brand-new women’s self-defense class will be hosted by Officer Ericka Rendon of the Edgewater Police Department. If you are interested, you can email her at Attending a class or program is the perfect way to connect with community members that have the same interests as you. Maybe you will even create your own club. There is something special about Edgewater. Everyone is your neighbor! We all have the chance to continue what we have focused on over the past year and support each other, be neighbors, and keep our connections strong.

What will you do to craft our community?

Contact City of Edgewater Communications & Events Director (and neighbor!) Kalah Hardt at or 720-763-3030.

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