Committing To The EDGE Pledge

Dan Maples, Edgewater City Manager

Over the course of 2021 Edgewater city staff and leadership worked to define our mission and core values. This process was very enlightening and assisted with bringing staff closer together with a common focus, to provide better definition on what we do and what we believe in. Our city council will be providing the vision that will add the direction for our organization in the coming months through a strategic plan process. 

Our Mission: To provide exceptional services and programs through a neighborly commitment to all who live, work and visit Edgewater. 

Our Values: The EDGE Pledge

We are dedicated to:

E mpowering Inclusion: Welcoming opinions and valuing diversity.

D isplaying Integrity: Upholding strong ethical principles, honesty and transparency.

G enerating Service: Providing guidance and assistance.

E ngaging Cooperation: Working together to achieve positive and equitable results.

I am very proud to be an employee of the City of Edgewater because I feel we have the greatest group of people providing exceptional services and programs to the greatest city. Every day I experience the passion and devotion of the employees of Edgewater. More specifically, I have witnessed teammates taking on additional tasks not closely related to their core duties; teammates taking ownership of needed changes to support a more inclusive workplace and community; teamwork driving better results for our community; and watching teammates put community concerns ahead of all else. There are far too many behaviors I have witnessed to list in this article, so I will leave it at this snapshot. 

I could boast all day of the great work I see from Edgewater staff, but really want to challenge the community to help us grow better. Government organizations have had a public stigma of being unresponsive, unfriendly or hard to work with. We want to be the opposite and will continually challenge our great employees with making this happen. Please help us grow and feel free to let us know when we are doing something great or something that needs improvement. I am not professing a goal to be perfect and understand we will have changes to make over time. What I am saying is that we aim to be the best local government and we truly make it our mission everyday “To provide exceptional services and programs through a neighborly commitment for all who live, work and visit Edgewater.”

I would like to thank the Edgewater community for the direction and your support in making Edgewater what it is today, the greatest city. There is always a cost to providing exceptional services and programs and this community has recognized the importance of investing in the community and supporting our professional staff in the mission. 

On another note, we are always looking for great people to join our team! If you want to be a member of the best local government team, please visit 

Contact Edgewater City Manager Dan Maples at or 720-763-3012.

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