Clear Creek Makerspace Finds A Home

THE FUTURE CLEAR CREEK MAKERSPACE will be housed in a building at West 44th Avenue and Field, adjacent to Anderson pool. PHOTO: BRENDA RITZ

Wheat Ridge is on the verge of becoming a destination for all crafts people from artisans to mechanics to wood workers and welders to sewists and beyond. Even more exciting is the opportunities it will avail to those looking to learn any or all of the above and more. 

Localworks has officially moved offices into the building at West 44th Avenue and Field. The soon-to-be hub of creation and creativity sits adjacent to Anderson pool and is where the Clear Creek Makerspace is to be located.

Localworks Executive Director Paige Piper is eager to also let the community know about what the space can mean for businesses as well.

“There is a huge entrepreneurial piece to this space as well. Not only does it allow local businesses to come in and make items for their business, but it also allows someone with a home business a way to expand without the huge financial burden of buying space and equipment.”

Clear Creek Makerspace Director Jake Harrington has been waiting for a building to claim for the makerspace since he came on to the Localworks team two years ago.

“We are still in the very preliminary stages of creating this space,” he said. “In the coming months, we will be meeting with the design team and architects so that we can get things started soon. So please be patient and stay tuned!”

If you are looking for ways to get on the list to become a member, donate time, money or items to the space or just learn more, visit the official website:

Or follow on Facebook and Instagram: @clearcreekmakerspace

To learn more about this and other projects with Local Works visit:

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