Clean Streets, Happy City: The Importance Of Street Sweeping

Welcome to the beautiful City of Edgewater, where we all take pride in our picturesque surroundings. One of the essential programs that help maintain the cleanliness of our community is street sweeping completed by the Edgewater Public Works Department. From April to October, our city has a scheduled street sweeping program to keep our streets tidy and safe. But don’t worry! Even outside these months, we continue to take care of our streets, adjusting the schedule based on weather.

The main goal of street sweeping is to remove debris, leaves and trash from the roads before they end up in storm drains. This way, we can keep our waterways clean and protect our environment. By doing this, we also follow the rules set by the state and federal governments about maintaining the quality of stormwater.

To make street sweeping effective, we have worked together with the Edgewater Police Department to implement a new warning and ticketing process. This helps us ensure clean streets for everyone in Edgewater. So, it’s crucial for everyone to cooperate with the program and follow parking restrictions during street sweeping times. This allows our sweepers to reach all areas and clean efficiently.

We want to let you know that the street sweeper has its limits. It can’t pick up large items, piles or wet debris. So, please avoid putting bulky waste or yard trimmings on the streets. Also, don’t pile leaves or other trash in the street or gutter, and avoid using rakes, brooms or leaf blowers to push debris into the street. Keep branches and long twigs away from the streets and gutters, too. These small actions can make a big difference in keeping our streets clean and our street sweeper running effectively.

We need your help to make the street sweeping process even better. If you have portable items like basketball hoops, please remove them from the gutters during scheduled sweeping days. This way, our sweeper can do their job without any obstacles.

Edgewater’s street sweeping program is essential for keeping our city clean and beautiful. By working together and following simple guidelines, we can all play a part in the beautification of our community. Let’s keep Edgewater clean and green!

To learn more about street sweeping in Edgewater and to view the schedule, head to or get a printed schedule at the Edgewater Civic Center. 

Kalah Hardt is the City of Edgewater Communications & Events Director.

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