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Public health is an integral part of the larger picture of the health sector, but is distinct from the healthcare system in that our work focuses on the health and wellness of the community and population, rather than centering on individuals. This is done by addressing the foundations of health in the community. By reinforcing and ensuring a strong, stable foundation – which we do every day by protecting air and water quality, enhancing family support, preventing diseases, driving food safety and access and more – public health helps the community grow strong and resilient.

Jefferson County Public Health (JCPH) is the public health leader for nearly 583,000 residents in the Jeffco community, a thriving mix of suburbs, mountain communities and open spaces. We offer a range of services, including immunizations, maternal and child health services, air and water quality monitoring, food safety protocols, disease surveillance and others. We devote ourselves to population-based work that promotes health and prevents disease, illness, injury and premature death. We play a key role in building partnerships within our community, and we work each day to create and elevate links between people, organizations, businesses, services and resources. 

We are a nationally accredited health department with the central purpose of maintaining and promoting health and wellness in our county. Our role is unique in that we are supported by, but independent from, the state health department and therefore able to truly serve the needs of our county and municipalities directly and responsively.

At JCPH, we play a critical role in ensuring our communities are well and thriving — and we believe everyone deserves access to the best public health services possible. Through our unique blend of knowledge, expertise, connection to community partners and direct communication and relationship to our community, we are making a difference each and every day.

JCPH understands that the needs of our community are ever evolving, and we too are changing to meet the needs of the 21st century. We do this by building on decades of expertise and experience in the public health sector, paired with a commitment to using data to monitor and respond to key issues. It is also essential for public health to build relationships with and amplify the work of other organizations and stakeholders in our community that impact health every day. 

By working together, we can strengthen community systems and advance important health, safety and well-being initiatives. To learn more about Jefferson County Public Health, please visit our website. 

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