Body Cams, E-Bikes & Mental Health Co-Responders To Join Our Team

Steve Davis is the Town of Mountain View’s Chief of Police

The Mountain View Police department is pleased to announce some exciting news as we enter into the fall of 2022. As Chief of Police, I have strived to change the face of the police department in the past three years and have worked alongside my officers and staff to make sure our police department and the community we serve are one. 

Change is always a good thing, especially in today’s police environment. We are excited to announce that our police body cam system will be fully implemented by June of this year. Through a generous grant from the State of Colorado, all officers will have body cameras during patrol and investigative functions that will give transparency to the public and protection to our officers and the citizens they serve.

We have also purchased two e-bikes from a local vendor in Denver, FattEbikes. The police e-bikes will allow officers to patrol the town in a more traditional manner that will allow contact with citizens face to face, while allowing the officers to maneuver quickly if needed with the assistance of the e-bike. This, along with two new police hybrid patrol vehicles that will soon be delivered, will save taxpayers on fuel and repair costs and enhance our visual look in community policing.

We also will have a professional Mental Health Co-Responder joining the MVPD response through a joint partnership with Edgewater Police Department. The Co-Responder will begin in May of 2022. The Co-Responder will assist the departments with citizens experiencing mental health crises and be a valuable resource to free up officers.

We look forward to these and many other changes in 2022, and also look forward to seeing everyone at our upcoming town events. I thank you for your amazing support.

Steve Davis is the Town of Mountain View’s Chief of Police.

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