Blueprint for Success: A Comp Plan Update

Edgewater has begun the process of updating the City Comprehensive Plan. The last Comprehensive Plan was completed in 2013. In 2023, we set focus on the future of Edgewater – reflecting the city’s goals and including new strategies for addressing issues that may be discovered.  

What is a comp plan?

A comprehensive plan (comp plan) sets forth a vision and goals for a community’s future, and guides decisions about future development.

A comp plan helps answer the following questions:

• What are community assets/opportunities?

• What are community needs/challenges?

• What is our community vision for the future?

• What goals, policies, objectives, and actions will help us achieve the vision, and address opportunities and challenges?

Edgewater’s current comp plan was adopted in 2013. It contains categories of:

• Land Use, Housing, Commercial Redevelopment

• Economic Development

• Community Character, Design and Involvement

• Public Service and Infrastructure

For this update of the comp plan, we will use the City’s Strategic Plan and all our adopted plans (Mobility Plan, Parks and Rec Master Plan, Sustainability Plan, Walker Branch Master Plan, Sheridan Boulevard Multimodal Corridor Plan, and others) as part of the baseline for the process and project.

Why is updating the comprehensive plan important?

The comprehensive plan is a living document that is meant to be updated regularly to reflect the changing needs of the community. By updating the plan, the City of Edgewater can ensure that it is on track to achieve its goals for the future.

The comprehensive plan is also an important tool for attracting new businesses and residents to Edgewater. By showing that the city is committed to planning for the future, the plan can help to make Edgewater a more attractive place to live, work and play.

What can you do to get involved?

The City of Edgewater is committed to ensuring that the Comprehensive Plan reflects the input of all residents. There are several ways to get involved in the planning process, including:

• Completing the survey and providing comments online at 

• Attending community meetings, including Planning and Zoning Commission meetings (third Wednesday of the month), and the first Comp Plan Community Meeting (Thursday, May 25)

We encourage all residents to get involved in the planning process and help shape the future of the community!

Edgewater has partnered with MIG, a Community Planning firm, to assist us with this project.

To learn more about Edgewater’s Comprehensive Plan, make comments or ask questions, visit:

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