Bimbamba Chocolate Shop Opens in EdgewaterPublic Market

Welcome to Bibamba, the newest addition to Edgewater’s business scene! Founded by Patrick and Mara Tcheunou in 2013, this global chocolate venture has deep roots in both America and Africa. From purchasing farmland in Cameroon’s Center province in 2015 to their first harvest in 2020, Bibamba embodies a farm-to-table ethos.

Patrick, a chemical engineer, oversees chocolate production at their Edgewater location, while Mara, a psychotherapist, manages business operations. Together, they offer an array of chocolate products made from all-natural, plant-based ingredients sourced from their Cameroon farm. From dark and milk chocolate to hot chocolate and bonbons, Bibamba delights customers with its delectable offerings.

Located in the Edgewater Public Market, Bibamba invites visitors to sample their creations and observe the chocolate-making process. Gift boxes and single squares are available for purchase, perfect for pairing with a beverage or enjoying on the go. Stay tuned for upcoming classes, tours, and pairing events!

Inspired by Edgewater’s vibrant food culture and strong support for local businesses, Bibamba is thrilled to be part of the community. Come experience their passion for quality chocolate firsthand at the Edgewater Public Market!

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