Best. Festival. Ever.

Neighborhood Gazette Publisher Guy Nahmiach

To declare this year’s Carnation Festival as best-ever would be the understatement of the year. The music was absolutely my favorite part of my festival. Clearly tribute bands are very well supported and loved, from Journey, Led Zeppelin and, of course, the Lizard King and his Doors were absolutely fantastic. Great idea with the second stage. 

Excellent service at the Rotary Club beer garden. Familiar and friendly faces throughout the weekend. It was like a big reunion for the community. No politics and no conspiracies, although I did pick up a brochure describing the hoax of COVID-19 – you might want to check your facts with my good friend, KD. 

The highlight for me was, of course, being the street announcer for the parade. The high-fives and hugs I got from the float teams were so appreciated. Maybe next year you can all write the Carnation Festival to have me announce at the finish line on 38th Avenue.

I especially want to thank all of you that visited the Neighborhood Gazette booth to share your stories, volunteer to write, or simply give us an encouraging compliment. Readers like Tim O’Neil, Chad Harr and so many more that took time to stop by and share their love of the Gazette.

The fight over ADUs continues to heat up. While the resolution was passed at council, many aren’t happy with what and how ADUs are to be managed. The petition has gained momentum and will likely cause a ballot issue to be voted on and paid for by Wheat Ridge citizens at a cost of approximately $50,000. 

A huge push by a few council members to move something we’ve been talking about for years was great. With full intention to protect and bring out the unsanctioned ADUs, it failed to address the costly portion of any ADU, the utilities. This was a huge opportunity to bring in the sustainability program with compost toilets, off-grid water systems, solar to replace conventional electricity, tiny-home living and other measures to achieve the ADU dream. Instead leaving it to citizens to navigate the impossible task of negotiating with old-world thinking of utility companies, antiquated building codes and a wall of discouragement. Simply voting for it and telling everyone they are on their own is simply not good enough. 

Finally it’s been so great to read and see the accomplishments of our police department. I love their everyday wins over evil. It’s given me encouragement that things can get better. I know some feel that the police should just sit in the background and do their work, but when gangsters and robbers and carjackers and drug dealers are glorified in film and music, I need something to remind me who exactly is the good in our community. The ones protecting my life and property. Keep those stories coming, WRPD.

Fall weather is just around the corner with new adventures for all.

As always, thanks for reading.

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