Benefits Of Participating In Your Community

Monique Bechard

What is the age when you should stop having fun in your neighborhood? Did you say a number in your head? Well, truthfully there is no answer to this question!

Getting out and enjoying yourself in your community is an ageless activity. In addition to having fun, there are many positive aspects to connecting within your community.

As the newest team member to the Communications & Events Department, we are turning our focus to Crafting our Community to enhance the quality of life here in Edgewater. Positive benefits participating in your community include: 

Support. Give support to your neighbors around you in need, especially now! The pandemic’s effect is still felt throughout the community. If you need assistance, you can receive support where you need it. Being compassionate to others can bring a sense of accomplishment and build confidence.

Influence. Participating in your community can empower you to make positive changes. From joining a board or commission to volunteering at events, you can be part of the foundation of change. 

Sharing. Getting together with others stimulates growth and new ideas for the benefit of the community. Sharing and listening with your neighbors preserves our individual and collective stories throughout generations. Need a place to start? Come join us at Coffee & Conversation every Friday morning from 9 to 10:30 a.m. at the Edgewater Civic Center.

Motivation. Working with one another can result in positive experiences that ultimately reinforce the “why” we do what we do. 

Connection. The human experience is driven by the bonds we make with each other and gives us a better sense of belonging. You can build up the connection with neighbors through getting involved!

Learning. Communities create a wealth of resources that allow you to grow, learn a new skill or expand your perspectives. The community center and library are great places to foster these opportunities. 

Passion. When you start to develop as a person out in your community your passions will begin to blossom and help you navigate your life’s direction. 

Join us in Crafting our Community! Start volunteering with us at these public events:

• Edgewater Pride Parade, June 11

• Movies in the Park, June 18, July 25, Aug. 12

• Blues & BBQ, July 16

• Hometown Festival, Sept. 24

• Coach Edgewater Youth Sports

• Scottish Festival, Aug. 5-6

And many more…

Check out for an up-to-date list of events to volunteer at.

Remember you are the community! What you put out there comes back to you. We can craft a community that reflects and supports all our beautifully unique members! 

Contact City of Edgewater Communications & Events Coordinator Monique Bechard at or 720-763-3081.

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