Backyard Livestock Flourishes in Edgewater


In Edgewater, the wave of backyard farming is turning suburban homes into lively havens for chickens, ducks, goats, rabbits and even bees. Since February is the start of baby chick season, we wanted to give you the inside scoop on Backyard Livestock in Edgewater! The responsible ownership of these animals is a top priority, and anyone dreaming of fresh eggs in the morning must familiarize themselves with the guidelines set forth by the city to protect both residents and livestock.

To kick off this barnyard adventure, a special license is needed. These licenses cover what the city fondly calls “specially regulated animals,” a glamorous group that includes rabbits, hen chickens, hen ducks, bees and miniature goats. Before you start building a coop or buzzing beehive, you’ve got to get the green light from the city to make sure you are keeping yourself and your animals safe. 

What to Know for your Backyard Farm:

  • Licenses are exclusive to single-family detached dwellings, creating the perfect backdrop for your own mini-farm.
  • No more than six specially regulated animals are allowed on a single property, excluding the everyday dogs and cats. Don’t forget to get your pup licensed too! 
  • Creating optimum living conditions for your animals is key. Fencing is mandatory, with a six-foot solid fence enclosing the rear yard for hen chickens, hen ducks, rabbits and miniature goats. Beekeepers must provide either a six-foot solid fence or a flyway barrier meeting specific criteria laid out in the Backyard Livestock guidelines.
  • Adequate shelter for each specially regulated animal must be established to protect them from the elements and predators, like raccoons. These shelters and the surrounding areas must be maintained in a sanitary condition, free from insects, rodents and offensive odors.

Edgewater’s regulations aim to strike a balance between promoting the enjoyment of backyard livestock and safeguarding the welfare of the animals and the community’s well-being. Residents interested in venturing into backyard farming are encouraged to thoroughly review the guidelines and obtain the necessary licenses to ensure responsible and harmonious coexistence with their animal companions. So, read the guidelines, grab your license, and let the backyard farming adventure begin!

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