Ronda Scholting

Wheat Ridge

Nation’s Firefighting Resources Stretched Thin, West Metro Crews Pitch In

After a record-setting wildfire season in Colorado in 2020, this year is proving to be just as challenging for many western states. California, Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana have seen more than 100 fires since the beginning of summer. More than 2.2 million acres have burned, and more than 1,200 structures have been lost. According

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West Metro Firefighter/Paramedic Dennis Hollister holds a baby he delivered along with the mother

Medics Deliver Baby In Family’s Front Yard

The Reilly family’s plan was simple. When it was time, mom and dad would head to the hospital for the birth of their second daughter. And when Maggie Reilly woke up to contractions shortly after midnight on March 7, she didn’t panic. Instead, she timed them just to make sure before waking up her husband.

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