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For 117 years, the town leaders of Mountain View have competently attended and maintained a sustainable community, forever in defiance of the challenge prompted by the restrictive six-square-block boundary and the limited commercial opportunity within the town. Originally part of the Berkeley Farm founded by John Brisben Walker, the community of Mountain View was settled in 1879, platted in 1888, and incorporated on Oct. 11, 1904.

In the early 1900s, town leaders realized the need for both water and sewer service and believed that the only way to obtain these essential services was to incorporate. Therefore, on Aug. 5, 1904, a petition for incorporation was signed by an involved 58 property owners and filed in the Jefferson County Court.

Later, on Sept. 6, 1904, the election for incorporation passed by a slight 10 votes. Affirming a populace of 375 citizens, the town of Mountain View was then officially and most likely, proudly established. Seven decades later, in 1972, Mountain View became a home rule municipality.

Fundamentally, home rule governance can provide greater flexibility when solving local issues as the municipality is less constrained by state requirements. In turn, a home rule municipality such as the town of Mountain View can potentially encourage and increase citizen attentiveness, involvement and pride in their local government.

In Mountain View, the extent of local governance is vested in an elective board of six town council members and mayor. These seven positions are elected at-large for a four-year term by community voters. Serving as a municipal leader at this most local level of government, elected Mountain View officials address strategic planning, annual budget preparation, policy and procedural development and town regulations and codes. Directed toward more relaxed activity, town leaders also encourage and host community social events.

Appearing on the Tuesday, Nov. 2, ballot will be three Mountain View town council seats and the mayoral position. The candidates seeking council membership are incumbents Kathleen S. Bailey, Mladenka Boehrer and Sean R. Davis. Vying for the office of Mountain View mayor is incumbent mayor Glenn Levy and former town council member Emilie Mitcham.

With the fall election just weeks away, now is the opportune time to attend, become involved, and demonstrate pride in our home rule municipality. Meet the candidates. Learn their vision. Know their qualifications. Ask their perception of the town’s significant challenge. Question their ability to address this challenge. Ultimately, take pride in your vote.

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