Always Thankful

Guy Nahmiach, Neighborhood Gazette Publisher

By the time this is printed, the elections will have been counted and a winner declared in my hotly contested District 3 City Council race in Wheat Ridge. The two different-styled candidates are equally caring and capable but, interestingly enough, both attract extreme views, actions and opinions that often taint their original message. Being a District 3 voter myself, I am excited to actually be having a conversation and different views of “what could be.” Of course I’ve always been very private as to which box I check. But you can be sure I will be exercising my favorite responsibility as a citizen. You can guess what my least favorite is. 

Today, as I write this, is Oct. 30, otherwise known as Halloween Eve, Mischief Night (Pennsylvania and New Jersey) and Devil’s Night (Michigan), which is right in line with Gate Night (also in the northeast).  Also popular in Vermont is Cabbage Night. Across the border in Canada the debate is over the pronunciation of Mad-night vs Mat-night.

For me, this year’s Oct. 30 represents the last edition of Art on the Farm, an event reminding all that the art community is alive in Wheat Ridge. How many people in your life do you know who introduce themselves as artists? Wheat Ridge Creates has been pushing and building an environment for local artists. I am beyond thankful to have helped and contributed this year, and can’t wait to start again in the spring.

One of the many things I love about spending time at Stylus and Crate coffee shop on 38th is the many “first time” faces I come across. Not that there aren’t “regulars,” but I just love how many new people have made this little home their own. I’ve been dying to walk over to the record player and play a record. What record would I choose? What song would I play? This might be the week.

Lastly, as the Publisher of the Neighborhood Gazette, I’ve always been very open in inviting anyone with a difference of opinion from our articles to send in a letter, write an article or call us to share your views. Please don’t wait until you see me at Clancy’s to share your inebriated ill-feelings you’ve incubated in your head for the past three years…especially if you’re a PTA representative of one of our neighborhood schools. 

Whatever you celebrate this holiday season, make sure to thank those around you that quietly set an example as neighbors and are positive role models for our children.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. And as always, thanks for reading.

Contact Neighborhood Gazette Publisher Guy Nahmiach at or 303-999-5789.

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