77 reasons Not to Hate

Guy Nahmiach

Every few years the City of Wheat Ridge hires a marketing firm to survey its residents. Rising to the top spot: 77% of residents point to the Neighborhood Gazette as one of their most used sources of news and information. That was the result of the last survey. Higher than any other publications, websites or city newsletters. In fact, we were tied with word of mouth for first place. 

I have to attribute this result to the incredible support we’ve had from our readers, our advertisers and the city itself, in sharing so many wonderful and positive stories. From 12 pages four years ago, we are at 20 pages and pushing 24 soon enough. “Print is dead” I was told. “If it bleeds, it reads” I was reminded. They laughed when I said “only good news.” Well we are not finished…

We are now planning a podcast version of the Gazette. Imagine someone reading an abbreviated version of the paper while you’re working out at the gym or driving to work. We have more plans but will keep them under wraps for now. We are just so grateful for your support and look forward to many more news and stories from around the corner. 

This same survey had a few “aha” moments for me. Did you know that 58% of Wheat Ridge residents have lived here less than 10 years? According to 86% of residents, Wheat Ridge is either a Good or Excellent place to live. While more than 60% of residents weren’t happy with the condition of our city streets, they were extremely happy with the condition of our parks and recreational facilities. It’s an interesting number to dig deep into. Our streets are definitely not in great shape, but every time construction begins, so do the complaints. The latest being the three week shutdown of 38th Avenue from Wadsworth Boulevard to Vance Street. Although the majority of the work is planned for underneath the road and not the road itself. 

City councilor Rachel Hultin is proposing that the City set a standard for road repairs that include patching, potholes and even sewer line repairs — all projects that leave huge humps on the road instead of the previous nice flat surface. The standard already exists, but obviously is not enforced. Thank you Councilwoman Hultin.

I urge you to go through this survey, which can be found on the City of Wheat Ridge’s website. Not to complain or relish any negative results. But to pick one category you might be passionate about and make it your mission to correct or improve. 

Let me know what you pick and we’ll write a story about your mission to improve that part of our city. 

As always, thanks for reading.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this publication are those of the author. They do not purport to reflect the opinions or views of the Neighborhood Gazette or its staff.

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