28 On 38

Neighborhood Gazette Publisher Guy Nahmiach

On Sept. 4, Wheat Ridge Police Department clocked a driver going 133 mph on I-70. Shocking and dangerous? Absolutely! So are the speedsters driving through our neighborhoods. But there comes a time to call out the opposite: the ones just crawling on 38th Avenue at speeds well below what small mammals travel at. 28 mph seems to be a popular choice for so many selfish drivers, with some even dropping to 20 or 22, backing everyone else behind them and causing a few to pass against oncoming traffic. 

First I’m not suggesting that this is an age-related issue. Second, I’m not advocating for bringing back lanes. I’m not even suggesting we increase the speed limit. Simply reminding the snails of the world that if you want to drive slow take 32nd Avenue and if you want to drive faster, take 44th Avenue, or even I-70. I’m just asking those busy texting, calling and maybe even reminiscing to simply drive at the posted speed of 35 mph. 

Our roads have also been topics as of late. With so much construction around us, contractors have completely ignored those of us still traveling everyday on patched-up holes, lanes with huge lumps of asphalt causing everyone to bounce up and down or be completely jolted while driving over the large and thick planks of steel. Sharp edges pounding into your tires and suspension. I’m not even talking about the big Wadsworth project. I’ve recently started naming some of the potholes, the three huge humps in front of Bardo. Even the newly paved portion of 38th with canyons in each manhole cover that bruise my reproductive organs every time I drive over them in my Vespa. We actually have less lanes to maintain so why do we have more issues?

All this just in time for the arrival of our new Director of Public Works, right here in Wheat Ridge. 

Having been the director of the same department for Englewood and commerce city, Maria D’Andrea brings a wealth of experience and joins the city at a time when we are bursting from every side and need help in creating standards for our roadways and how contractors behave during times of expansion. Just as building codes help in determining how and what progress in construction looks like, so do roads, sidewalks and services and traffic flow in these areas. I am hoping to have Ms D’Andrea share her plans and goals with us in the next few issues. This city has always stepped up to improve our living experiences here and I am confident of the same with this issue as well.

Finally I wanted to wish Art Burnham a happy and healthy 90th birthday. Art has been an amazing leader in our community with the scouts and the neighborhood church. Art is also my longtime neighbor and I am honored to call him my friend.

As always, thanks for reading.  Contact Neighborhood Gazette Publisher Guy Nahmiach at WRGazette@gmail.com or 303-999-5789.

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