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The Sniff Shack – A Spa for Dogs

By Patricia Lilliston

People go to work; children go to school; why shouldn’t dogs have a place to go for socialization and exercise?” remarks Jessica Wolfe, owner of the Sniff Shack, doggy daycare and boarding facility located at 5300 W. 44th Ave., in Mountain View.

With a love for dogs and a desire to invest locally, the idea for the Sniff Shack was launched. “We discovered Mountain View welcomed our idea and was flexible in permitting

our desired concept to develop,” noted Jessica.

On Oct. 1 the business will celebrate its two-year anniversary with a furry clientele of 1,500 canines, an average of 50 dogs served daily, and 24 staff members.

“We like to pamper our boarders,” stated Jessica. Scheduled runs, walks and dog hikes are services provided by the Sniff Shack. In addition, baths, hair and nail trims, and frozen peanut butter with bacon yoghurt treats are featured options for pet parents. Soon a monthly membership into the scrub club will be offered. The Sniff Shack schedules a six-week-long dog training session on Monday and Tuesday evenings.

In addition to a written daily report card, a 24-hour video surveillance camera allows the pet parent to observe day and night the four-legged family member. “The video provides a transparency that dog owners appreciate,” reflects Jessica.

“We always want to give back to the community,” affirms Jessica. Therefore, special events hosted by the Sniff Shack have allowed contributions for free daycare or boarding to various animal organizations and monetary donations to non-profit associations.

To welcome new clients, the Sniff Shack offers a 25 percent discount for one service to Neighborhood Gazette readers who mention this article.

Visit the Sniff Shack at or call 303-941-3835 for hours, additional service information and reservations.

Aug. 5 Mayoral Meet and Greet

Mark your calendar. The next bi-monthly Mayoral Meet and Greet is scheduled for Saturday, Aug. 5, at the Town Hall, 4176 Benton St. ,from 10 a.m. until noon.

This informal forum provides the opportunity for residents to present ideas or ask questions regarding the community. In addition to the conversation, coffee and refreshments are provided.

For residents interested in seeking an elected town position this November, an informative packet clarifying the role and responsibility of an elected official will also be available.

Town Trivia

During the 1940s, the New York Cafe occupied the space at 5420 W. 44th Ave. Originally granted a sales license to serve 3.2 beer, the establishment eventually brought notoriety to Mountain View and eventually, definitive action by the town board of trustees.

According to a letter posted to Mountain View Mayor D.S. Hutchinson on March 15, 1943, from 1st Judicial District Attorney Richard H. Simon, the New York Cafe was “operating all hours of the night and as a result thereof, people frequent this place, become intoxicated, and in general the place is a nuisance.” The letter contained resolution to provide appropriate assistance should the town “take care of a situation in which we are all interested.”

On April 25, 1944, town documents reveal “a public remonstrance was held at the Town Hall.” The meeting was attended by members from the sheriff and district attorney’s office, representatives from the state liquor license department, and citizens of Mountain View. At the meeting, evidence was presented against the New York Cafe “relative to the manner in which it had been conducted and operated.”

Ultimately, at a regular meeting on May 1, 1944, the town trustees resolved “application and approval for a 3.2 beverage license at the New York Cafe be and the same hereby recalled, rescinded and vacated.”

Within a year, the owner of the New York Cafe requested another 3.2 beer license and “permission for a music box in my place. If my request is granted, dancing will not be allowed.”

By 1945, the Mountain View community was voted dry, so it is unlikely the New York Cafe had a second chance for beer sales. It is unknown as to whether or not the cafe was filled with music without dancing.