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Mountain Views

People In the Know – You Need to Know

By Patricia Lilliston

Although Mountain View is a small Colorado town, the municipality employs knowledgeable personnel. During a recent visit to the town hall, four staff members shared their professional background, clarified their responsibilities, offered advice, and retold a few memorable stories.

Administrative Assistant Kim Brown began her position at the town hall in February. Her previous employment involved teaching life skills, guiding social interactions, and coaching job skills to developmentally disabled adults. Brown expresses, “When I accepted this responsibility, I was eager to learn something new.”

For Brown, the business day involves interaction with the public, mayor and council members, staff and the police department. She routinely reviews, records and collects fees for building permit applications. Providing timely response to residential and business inquiries regarding local code regulations is frequent.

“A lot of things happen at the town hall. Everyday is different,” notes Brown.

As a graduate of Jefferson High School in Edgewater, Brown feels her life has swung full circle with her employment in Mountain View. Brown encourages residents to visit the town hall, attend the monthly council meetings, and utilize the park adjacent to the town hall.

Beverly Seidel is the town’s Municipal Court and Police Department Clerk. Previously employed with the municipality in Gunnison, Seidel has nearly 20 years of experience within the Colorado municipal court system.

“I have a great job,” voices Seidel. “I enjoy helping people understand court procedures so they can better manage the judicial system.”

  Seidel likes the variety offered in her position. The monthly court schedule requires Seidel to send notifications for court appearances, prepare bond or warrant transactions, organize the court docket, oversee the collection of fines and payment plans, and record and file the documents of each case. Administrative tasks detailed by the police department involve processing and filing incident and accident reports, confirming warrants, and requesting records.

“Mountain View is unique and quaint. The residents are great,” discloses Seidel who walks throughout the neighborhood during her daily breaks. She urges community members to call the town hall with any question or concern and invites residents to attend municipal court to observe and learn more about the judicial system.

Melannie Solano, Administrative Assistant with Municipal Court assigned duties, began part-time employment in March. With a background of billing and coding in the health care industry, Solano confirms, “I have never done anything like this, but I am always open to learning something new.” She is becoming more familiar with legal terminology and is gaining confidence from her on-the-job training.

Solano inputs traffic tickets, sends plea offer letters, and assists with preparation for the monthly municipal court. During court, she receives defendant fees or initiates payment plans.

If summoned to court, Solano recommends, “Come with a good attitude and tell the truth.” She advocates that defendants accept responsibility for their actions and follow through with payment or the directive given by the judge.

Employed by the town for 14 years, Antonia Munoz is the Municipal Court Interpreter.

“I have seen a lot of change in the town,” remarks Munoz. “I have worked with two judges, several town attorneys, and quite a few police officers.”

Her understanding of the court system and compassion is relayed through her stories. Once, a defendant assumed the town hall building and adjacent playground was a day care center. Therefore, he continued driving through the community resulting in a late arrival for court. Munoz reassured the defendant that the tardiness would not influence the outcome of the case.

Munoz recalls another time when a young man established a payment plan because he recently adopted a family member’s three children. Munoz admired the defendant for accepting the responsibility for both the court fine and the welfare of the youngsters.

Town Hall is open Monday through Thursday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., at 4176 Benton St., 303-421-7282. Municipal Court convenes the third Wednesday monthly, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Community Events

Circle the dates. Plan to join the fun. The town of Mountain View is hosting family summer events at the Town Hall Park, 4176 Benton St.

With a luau-inspired theme, picnic fare and music, the annual community picnic is scheduled for Saturday, Aug. 4, from 3 to 6 p.m.

On Friday, Sept. 14, at dusk, bring a lawn chair or blanket to enjoy popcorn and outdoor screening of the Disney movie “Coco.”

Good Views

July is considered the warmest summer month with “dog days” or hot, airless weather typically experienced early in the month. To add to this sultry distinction, the third Wednesday in July, commemorates National Hot Dog Day.

Historians believe that the origin of the hot dog dates back 500 years to the culinary inspiration of a Roman emperor’s cook. As sausage products increased in popularity across Europe, two German towns ultimately claimed credit for the modern-day hot dog. By 1860, hot dogs were sold from pushcarts in New York City.

With the arrival of the dog days of summer and the prospect of National Hot Dog Day, how will you celebrate these seasonal events?