September 2021

Mountain View

Biking To Victory

Developed in 1817 by German inventor Karl von Drais, the bicycle is a popular item generally acquired in childhood. Yet, if one hasn’t taken a spin since a youngster, muscle memory allows the mature you to again climb back on, and without much difficulty, discover the rhythm of the two-wheeler. More than 1 billion bicycles

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Atrial Fibrillation Is Treatable

It seems you can’t pick up a magazine, newspaper or watch a TV show without being bombarded with ads about the risk of A-Fib. A-Fib, or atrial fibrillation, is an irregular heartbeat that puts you at a five times greater risk for stroke, as well as a greater risk of heart failure if left untreated,

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Wheat Ridge Vehicle Thefts On The Wane

Motor vehicle thefts in Wheat Ridge were down markedly through the first half of 2021 compared to the previous year, according to a statewide crime reporting program. Figures from the Colorado Automobile Theft Prevention Authority (CATPA), part of the Colorado Department of Public Safety, show Wheat Ridge reported 119 motor vehicle thefts through the end

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Edgewater Community Survey

We would like to thank all the residents who participated in the 2021 Edgewater Community Survey! The feedback we received will help establish the next two years of strategic planning decisions and areas of growth. Community surveys give the City of Edgewater a current pulse on community trends and what is important to our collective

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What’s Happening – September 2021

Last Chance To Pipe Up About Redeveloping Lutheran Medical Center On Sept. 22 Options for the redevelopment of the Lutheran Medical Center Campus are narrowing and getting more specific, and the public will have one last chance view and comment at a final public meeting in Council Chambers, Sept. 22 at Wheat Ridge City Hall,

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Redefining Gifted And Talented

The debate over Gifted and Talented (GT) education has gone on for years. From the outside of the community, it is often expressed with questions like, “What’s the gift?”, “What’s the talent?” And even, “What makes your kid so much more special than mine?” Sometimes the complaints came from principals and teachers who wanted to

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Nicole Beaudin sits with her dog

How Do You Show Up When Life Hands Over The Unexpected?

Recently a group of us planned on surprising a gal pal for her 40th birthday. Yes, it’s true, 40! Her husband initiated it. He would take care of their 2 year old, and we would kidnap her up to a cabin in Nederland. A few days prior to our unexpected arrival, we were all hit

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