June 2021

The Wheat Ridge Carnation Festival parade

It’s Back! The Wheat Ridge Carnation Festival Is Set For Aug. 13-15

Coming back after last year’s pandemic-prompted hiatus, the Wheat Ridge Carnation Festival will celebrate its 52nd year Aug. 13-15 at Anderson Park, 4355 Field St. One of the oldest and longest running festivals in the state of Colorado, the annual three-day, end-of-summer, free community event highlights the unique character of Wheat Ridge, including its once-thriving

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A homeless woman stands on the corner of a street with a sign

City, CDOT And Volunteers To Clean Up Camps

Homelessness is an issue steeped in complexity and something we witness in our everyday lives. Solutions can seem simple on the surface – just tell them to get a job, find an apartment, go back to school, etc. But these “simple” solutions are never really that simple. The contributions of individuals, while still important, aren’t

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Nicole Beaudin sits with her dog

Cultivate Faith In You

Today, I find myself writing this article from my mom’s house in Illinois. As much as I’d rather be in your beautiful town, I know I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be. I am here mainly to support my mom as she figures out what’s next post my dad passing. This time at home also

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Two men sit in the crowd at a baseball game talking

Two Sports Are Better Than One

With Tom Brady securing his sixth Super Bowl ring last year, the term GOAT, or “greatest of all time,” has been thrown around more than ever before. Some have even gone so far as to claim that Brady is the greatest athlete of all time; but how true can that be? After all, Brady was

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Guy Nahmiach, Neighborhood Gazette Publisher

The Speed Of Life

As the front wheel of my scooter sank into the pothole, the rattling inside my helmet was loud and from the corner of my eye I watched in slow motion as my phone flew off into the air, landing on the asphalt to its catastrophic demise. This was the beginning of my long weekend that

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Doug Dawson stands next to his pastel painting of his wife, Sue, in their Wheat Ridge home.

Doug Dawson Paints Order From Disorder

“Creating a piece of artwork is a matter of starting with disorder and organizing it as you go,” says Wheat Ridge artist Doug Dawson of a concept presented to him years ago by an art history professor. “I’ve held on to that idea ever since.” “The disorder may be a blank canvas or piece of

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Mark Eskow, Owner of Right Coast Pizza in Wheat Ridge, stands in front of a mural

Behind The Scenes: Mark Eskow

Mark Eskow likes it when people get together and come up with great ideas. That’s why Eskow started opening his business, Right Coast Pizza, early in the mornings years ago, long before Wheat Ridge had any coffee houses. Local clubs and community members gathered to talk issues and ideas and enjoy free coffee. “I just

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Local school principals Jeena Templeton of Everitt Middle, Trina Jones of Stevens Elementary and Josh Cooley of Wheat Ridge High in conversation with the Neighborhood Gazette at Right Coast Pizza

Local Principals And ‘The Wheat Ridge Advantage’

With three days left in the school year, I invited three amazing principals to meet for lunch and discuss a year they will never forget and hope to never re-live: Trina “TJ” Jones of Stevens Elementary, Jeena Templeton of Everitt Middle, and Josh Cooley of Wheat Ridge High. It was no Zoom or other digital

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City of Edgewater Communications and Events Director Kalah Hardt

Crafting Our Community

This year, we had a unique opportunity – to say the least – to reflect on what is most important to us! We got creative and discovered innovative ways a community could function while required to be distanced from each other. We crafted new ways to connect: We met neighbors on the street during walks

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"Soddy" the sod house at the Wheat Ridge Historical Park
Wheat Ridge

Pioneer-Style Energy Efficiency Seen In The ‘Soddy’

No one seems to know exactly who built the sod house at the north end of the Wheat Ridge Historical Park. To passersby it looks like a modest one-story stucco home surrounded by flowerbeds with a handsome blue spruce in the yard. Earliest records indicate that the Federal government granted the plot of land to

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