Yard Buddies to Salve Seniors’ Snow Woes

During our long Colorado winters there is snow that must be removed from sidewalks and yards, but not everyone can plow the heavy white wonder that winter has left behind. So this year the Yard Buddy Program will aim to alleviate the often times heavy burden on the elderly population. READ MORE

Fall, Warm as Toast

This time of year is a great time to invite family and friends into your home. It not only gives you a few practice runs for those big holidays coming in November and December, but it will be a great excuse to spruce up your home and winterize it. Now I’m not talking about draining the swamp cooler and sprinkler lines nor bringing in your plants, but doing some things inside that will help us enjoy our home a bit more during the coming months. READ MORE

Swim Instruction a Lifesaver for Youngsters

One of the greatest gifts you can give your children is to empower them with the knowledge to keep them safe. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, drowning is still the leading cause of injury related death in children. New research reported by the AAP states that “children ages 1 to 4 may be less likely to drown if they have had formal swimming instruction.”   READ MORE


wes whitney as the farmer mascot
was “race ready” before the start of the 34th Annual Wheat Ridge Farmers 5000, Sept. 14. The event raises money for Wheat Ridge High and helps promote fitness and community spirit. The Farmers will host their first annual Farmer Golf Ball Frenzy Fundraiser now through Oct. 15. Details can be found on page 11 of this issue. Photo by Nick DeSimone


38th Corridor Plan, Much-Needed Maintenance at Stake in Wheat Ridge Election


By J. Patrick O’Leary

It’s official: Whether Wheat Ridge will see the final implementation of the 38th Avenue Corridor Plan will be decided by voters this fall. But more importantly, they’ll also decide whether to raise the city sales tax to pay for capital improvement projects, including storm drainage upgrades and the revitalization of Anderson Park, 44th Avenue and Field Street.

        Wheat Ridge City Council voted 7-0 on Aug. 25 to ask its residents to approve a one-cent sales-and-use-tax increase, plus a bonding question, and a change in street width designation to widen of portions of 38th Avenue. Although the $6.4 million from the tax increase would fund a wide variety public works projects, the implementation of the 38th Avenue Corridor Plan will not be one of them.

        Ballots for the mail-in only election will be mailed in mid-October, and must be returned by Tuesday, Nov. 4.

        Wheat Ridge Mayor Joyce Jay, City Council members and community leaders launched the Yes on Issue 2A campaign at the Anderson Park Pavilion on the evening of Sept. 8. According to a press release, the increase is expected to generate up to $6.4 million annually, and allow the city to raise another $40 million through bonds, to fund repairs to city roads and bridges, upgrade storm-water and flood-plain drainage systems, and construct and improve local park and recreation facilities. The group’s web site can be found at http://yeson2a.org/.

Read more: 38th Corridor Plan, Much-Needed Maintenance at Stake in Wheat Ridge Election


Wheat Ridge Stops New Pot Shops, Looks At Larger Issues


By Cyndy Beal

Wheat Ridge’s budding marijuana businesses are getting some residents fired up.

        The latest development is the future of the southeast corner of 38th Avenue and Miller Street. The site was to be the possible home of a new marijuana-related business, and has raised questions about larger issues.

        How Wheat Ridge and other municipalities within Colorado handle retail/recreational sales of marijuana and the industry as a whole is a moving target and in a state of flux. Colorado itself continues to create and adopt additional rules and regulations related to marijuana.

        So, Wheat Ridge is not alone in these decisions.

        On Aug. 18 at a special Wheat Ridge city council meeting, council voted unanimously in favor of Ordinance 1554, a “90-day moratorium on the acceptance of new marijuana business applications, in order to pursue a solution to citizens’ concerns about zoning and notice of application,” per the city’s website.

        The potential marijuana business hadn’t yet applied for a businesses license, and was in the pre-application process, the first step for new construction in the city. The property owner had begun demolition of an existing gas station at the 38th Avenue and Miller Street site.

        Wheat Ridge presently has five marijuana centers that sell medical and/or retail marijuana.

Read more: Wheat Ridge Stops New Pot Shops, Looks At Larger Issues

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