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The new year brings with it the challenge of setting resolutions. The Wheat Ridge Active Adult Center offers tips for older adults that address making healthy changes for the New Year, while also providing ways to stay healthy all year long.

Eat more fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Not sure where to start? The Wheat Ridge Active Adult Center offers free classes including Healthy Table for 1 or 2, Almond Flour Power, and Satisfying Spiralized Vegetables.

Be active. Looking for something more creative than just walking? How about Tai Chi, yoga, dancing to Zumba, or even snowshoeing or skiing? The Wheat Ridge Active Adult Center has a variety of fitness options.

Guard against falls. One in three older adults falls each year. Falls are a leading cause of injuries among older adults. The Active Adult Center offers classes that focus on improving balance such as Balance ‘n Motion or Stretching for Better Health.

Brain workout. From puzzles to card games, ukulele lessons to technology classes as well as a variety of art classes, the Active Adult Center provides a plethora of brain games. Register today for the ultimate puzzle at the Escape Room Happy Hour on Tuesday, Jan. 22.

Visit the Active Adult Center at 6363 W. 35th Ave., or call 303-205-7500.