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The Wheat Ridge Police Department is warning all that “Porch Pirates” are out to ruin the holidays by stealing packages left by delivery services on the front porch. To scuttle these scallywags’ shenanigans, WRPD offers the following tips for ways to secure mail and packages this holiday season:

  • USPS offers email notification for mail and packages that are arriving. Sign up for these alerts and ask a trusted neighbor to retrieve them until arriving home.
  • Have the post office hold packages and pick them up when convenient.
  • Ask employers to use the office address for package deliveries.
  • Drop bills or gift checks being mailed to family off at the post office
  • Don’t leave bills, and other packages in the mailbox with the flag up – that’s just an invitation to thieves.
  • Be alert. Report to local law enforcement any suspicious behavior, strangers or cars that don’t belong in the neighborhood. Write down the license plate number or take a photo of cars that aren’t familiar or that appear to be watching homes in a neighborhood.