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On-demand participation is now available for government, as Lakewood has rolled out a website for participating in city council meetings and discussions without needing to attend a meeting or public hearing.

Lakewood Speaks provides residents and community members the opportunity to review council agenda items and comment on-demand when it’s convenient to them. Material for agenda items on the regular city council meetings is available for review and comment now at

Lakewood Speaks offers the following options:

• Watch recorded videos of staff and other presentations.

• Read staff reports and other documents.

• Review any maps and other materials related to an agenda item.

• Ask questions of and receive responses from staff.

• Submit comments to City Council to be included in the public record.

• Use mobile smartphones, tablets or computers for all these options.

• View materials for public hearings 10 days prior to the meeting and make comments online until 24 hours prior to a meeting.