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If you register for the Colfax Marathon by Jan. 2, you’ll receive low holiday registration prices. The race will start and finish in Denver’s City Park on May 19, and it is a Boston Marathon qualifier race.

The course will start and finish in Denver’s City Park, running through Broncos Stadium at Mile High twice, through Denver Fire Station No. 1, and along seven miles of rivers, lakes and bridges, including Sloan’s Lake. You’ll race through eclectic neighborhoods, historic Lakewood, the bustle of Colfax Avenue, and downtown Denver.

The 4.0-mile Section 2 of the marathon – No Groans at Sloan-s - climbs out of the stadium, then onto Colfax, lined with a mix of retro and storefronts. While circling Sloan’s Lake you’ll roll past Dragon Boats, colorful drummers and dancers.

Leaving Sloan’s Lake, Eclectic Mile High is the third section, 5.5 miles in length. The westward stretch features mountain views, retro architecture and Casa Bonita, where the course departs Colfax for the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design campus, where outdoor art mixes with great architecture. Pass pretty Morse Park before entering a hidden gem of Lakewood: The Glens neighborhood, with graceful shade trees and white picket fences.

From there, Section 4 is a 4.1-mile fast downhill run back to Denver – Screaming Downhill – Then back on to Colfax for the cruise towards the city, past the Big Bunny Motel, Putt n Pub, the Lakewood Steam Baths, and street art. Most of this section offers panoramic views of Denver’s skyline. This section wraps up on the west Esplanade at Broncos Stadium at Mile High.

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