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Historic Elitch Theatre, in conjunction with Blissfest333, Youth International Silent Film Festival, The Bug Theatre, and the New York International Children’s Film Festival, will present the final Children’s Day event of 2018 on Nov. 10 and 11, marking the First Annual Historic Elitch Theatre Children’s Day International Film Festival.

Held at the end of Denver Arts Week, the festival will be a weekend event featuring unique, intelligent films from across the world for young audiences and their families from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Each day will bring three blocks of films with brief intermissions. All screenings will take place inside The Bug Theatre, 3654 Navajo St., Denver.

Children’s Day reflects Mary Elitch’s core mission: to introduce the cultural arts to our youth, open their minds, stimulate their curiosity, and deepen their compassion and understanding. The festival will give them exposure to high-quality films, compelling stories, and diverse perspectives from around the world and their own backyard. This year’s features will transport the audience into animated worlds to real worlds with beauty, thrilling thought-provoking adventures, friendships and fearless triumphs and tragedies.

This international film festival will include screenings of “Coco,” Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” as well as internationally acclaimed films for children including “Stone Soup” (France/Belgium), “Riceballs” (Australia), “Water Path for a Fish” (Spain/Columbia/France). Feature films by Colorado filmmakers will also be shown including the world premiere of “Steampunk Cowboy,” Elitch Theatre’s first film production created by the students of Elitch Academy in honor of Thomas Edison, who screened the first silent films in 1896.

Films shown on Saturday, Nov. 10, are ideal for ages 3 and up with the films featured on Sunday, Nov. 11, best for ages 8 and up.

All children must be accompanied by an adult.

Tickets range from $10 to $50, and free for 18 and younger. Children must register online for their free tickets.

  A full schedule and tickets can be found at For free children’s tickets, visit