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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Thank you for your article bringing attention to services for those in need, especially the homeless (“So Many Homeless … And Winter Is Coming,” Nov. 14-Dec. 17, 2018 Neighborhood Gazette). A survey has shown that there are 3,000 homeless students in Jefferson County, many staying with relatives or friends, or in motels. This would surprise many Jeffco citizens, I am sure.

I must disagree with the statement that there are many shelters for homeless in Jefferson County, as the ones listed are for specific clientele only. Shelters and services eight miles away in Denver are often just too far away.

If you haven't already, perhaps you could feature a separate article to share the importance of The Action Center in Lakewood, which serves all of Jefferson County. This program, founded 50 years ago, offers a well-stocked food bank, a clothing bank, household and personal care items, school supplies, toys at Christmas, meals at Thanksgiving, vouchers for IDs, showers, driver's license, birth certificates. It partners with Jefferson County Human Services, Jeffco Business and Workforce Center, Education and Certification Support, and Health and Benefits Support. It offers counseling for rental and utility assistance, and has a Self-Sufficiency Pathways Program to help individuals make changes in their lives towards greater stability. More publicity for this vital resource would surely bring in more financial support and volunteers.

The Family Promise agency provides temporary shelter, meals and counseling to families by using existing facilities like churches which rotate weeks to provide support. See

Arvada Rising Church is now providing a day shelter with meals.

Thank you again for your article. Let’s keep this issue of homelessness out there, and work together to make a difference.

Carol Kalmes, Wheat Ridge

Editor’s note: See “Who Is Providing Shelter And Help To Our Homeless?” in this edition, pg 16.