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Letters to the Editor

Come Help Support, Share At Big Wheels On The Farm

As an enthusiast of everything automotive, I’ve been to many car shows and I’ve often wondered what will become of these works of art when the task of caretaker becomes too much for us to handle. Will they rust away under a tarp in our yards, gather dust in a barn for some future treasure hunter to find, or will our children just forget about them and move on to disposable autonomous people movers with no real character or soul like these steel and iron masterpieces of our past?

If you’re like me and appreciate the design and function of history’s transportation and engineering and would like to keep future generations interest piqued in a simpler time, please come help us support and teach these future car lovers at the Big Wheels on the Farm Car Show and Festival and bring the kids to Anderson Park, Sunday, Aug. 12, from 9 a.m. to 3!

The hard-working parents of the WRHS Quarterback Club have decided to take on this task to allow many generations to keep learning about this hobby while helping our great WRHS Farmers football team. Their fresh ideas are sure to make our third day of the Festival better than ever. They’ve decided that our Festival is a great place for car enthusiasts to gather with local kids and share your love of cars and have a great time, too.

Have you ever been to a car show with carnival amusement rides and games? How about live music featuring one of the most internationally recognizable Blues bands, The Delta Sonics, on a live stage? A food court with nearly a dozen choices of vendors, from turkey legs to ice cream and everything in between? Local Businesses showing their wares to support a great cause? How about a beer garden hosted by our own Optimist and Rotary Clubs? A 50/50 raffle and other games of chance to entertain kids of all ages?

For those of you looking to support some great Wheat Ridge organizations, look no further than the Carnation Festival. The Carnation Festival is of course the celebration of the incorporation of the City of Wheat Ridge but exists solely to benefit its service clubs and nonprofit organizations, and have a little fun while we do it. Keep in mind that 100 percent of the festival proceeds fund Wheat Ridge Service Clubs, schools and nonprofits and is run by an all-volunteer board.

Entry to the show and festival is free as always and each car is $40 (multiple cars and clubs may be eligible for a discount).

Please visit our website at and click on “Car Show” for more info and to register. Come celebrate with us Aug. 10 through 12, at Anderson Park, 44th and Field Street.

Joey DeMott, Wheat Ridge

Attention Homeowners Of Wheat Ridge

Were you aware that when we became a city in 1969 all residential zones were allowed to build a 35-foot home (three stories) with a flat roof?

We see what has happened in north Denver and how it is happening in Wheat Ridge.

Homes can be bought, scraped and replaced with a 35-foot, flat-roof home right next door to you.

Zones R1-C and R-3 in the southeast corner of Wheat Ridge have been changed to 35 feet with a 15-foot sloped roof. It may sound OK, but next to the ranch and bungalow styles that now exist it is overwhelming.

Monday, July 23, at 7 p.m., there will be a city council meeting at the City Center at 29th and Wadsworth. I am asking all citizens who are concerned about the future of your neighborhood to know you must attend this meeting. Please arrive at 6:45 p.m. and sign in so you can let the city council members know how you feel about this existing law.

Your neighborhood stands to be totally changed without your voice and concern.

We are asking for a 27-foot (two story) 15 foot bulk plane as a sound alternative.

This does not distract that which already exists. It is in keeping with all surrounding residential zones.

Please you must take time to attend this meeting, it is the future of your neighborhood. I am an extremely concerned citizen and need your help.

Dorothy Archer, Wheat Ridge