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Letters to the Editor

No Credit Given For Artwork

paper skull plus Edited 2Adrienne DeLoe, mixed mediaIt was brought to my attention that my artwork was used in a story published by you in the Dec. 17, 2018 to Jan. 14, 2019, issue of the Neighborhood Gazette. While I appreciate you writing about my work and my gallery, I did not give permission to use an image of my work. The greater issue here is that my name was not used in the story or in the photo caption. I was given no credit as the artist of my work. This is unacceptable. You must always give credit to the artist if you are going to use images of their work.

Adrienne DeLoe,Winter Garden Studios

Kudos On Coverage Of Prospect Valley School

Thank you for devoting so much time to The City of Wheat Ridge and Jeffco Schools (School Crossing by Guy Nahmiach).

We bought our first house at 3525 Moore St. and moved in January 1958.

In 1962 our oldest daughter, Mara, started kindergarten at Prospect Valley School, which was located on the north side of 38th at the end of Moore Street. Our younger daughter, Carla, started kindergarten one year later.

At that time when you finished 3rd grade you went to Kullerstrand.  When our younger daughter, Carla, finished the third grade, she attended the new Prospect Valley school. The students who were going to Kullerstrand were not brought back to Prospect Valley. The students did the research of the Prospect Valley area and designed the celebration, opening the new Prospect Valley. The students in Carla’s class were top dog in third grade, fourth grade, fifth grade, and sixth grade. They graduated from Wheat Ridge High in 1976. That was the graduation ceremony that was a bit “wild.” The graduation ceremony was held in the gym. By the time our son graduated in 1980 the graduation ceremony was held at Jeffco Stadium.

The school design was planned to be “open.” Letter grades were not given. Can’t remember the exact wording for report cards.

Just a bit of history - in case you are interested.

Exciting there will be a new building! Hopefully the new building will be on the high ground and not on the north lower ground which tends to be very wet.

Thank you for the time you devote to the city and the schools.

Our very best wishes for a wonderful 2019!

Gretchen Cerveny, Wheat Ridge