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Letters to the Editor

Take A Minute To Take The Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy Survey

To the Editor:

The City of Wheat Ridge is updating its Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy, a project that will shape the future of our community and we need your help! Are you a resident, a business owner, a frequent visitor, or any person who has a stake in the future of Wheat Ridge? Now is the time to ensure your voice contributes to shaping the vitality of our city.

The original 2005 Wheat Ridge Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy (NRS) set the table for many positive developments in our city over the last decade. A volunteer NRS steering committee has been working since last August to identify key issues relevant to the city's future including hosting conversations around the community and open houses to gather input from our neighbors, local business owners, and their employees. 

  As co-chairs of the steering committee charged by the Wheat Ridge City Council to oversee the update, we encourage you to take a brief NRS survey that seeks broader community input, including yours, on the key issues and possible action items that the new revitalization strategy will consider. We ask that you take 15 minutes to fill out the NRS survey, now available at the Wheat Ridge city website:

Please also watch the city's website for updates and news about future public events. We look forward to hearing from you and continued engagement as we guide our city's vitality.

–Kathleen Martell, Rachel Hultin and Korey Stites, Wheat Ridge Neighborhood Revitalization Steering Committee