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Neighborhood Arts

By Nancy Hahn

What do Next Gallery, Andrew Novick, and Casa Bonita have in common? They will all celebrate Andrew Novick’s birthday on Feb. 24.

Next Gallery at 6851 W. Colfax will host an exhibit “Pretty in Pink - Celebrating All Things Casa Bonita” from Feb. 22 to March 10. Novick and Next artist Betsy $B Rudolph will be jurists for the exhibit.

Novick, who the Denver Post called “The Man Who Saves Everything,” will celebrate his birthday and his 300th meal at Casa Bonita on Feb. 24. Novick’s collections include toys, Beverly Hills 90210 items, wacky food products, and anything related to teeth, photographs and so very much more.

Tickets for this amazing birthday celebration must be purchased online and picked up at Next Gallery. A link to tickets is available on Casa Bonita’s Facebook page. There are several choices in tickets, although, the VIP choice is already sold out; other ticket choices are available. All ticket choices include dinner, unlimited sopapillas, and fun mementos and toys. 20 percent of the proceeds go to charity.

If you haven’t caught the juried show at Edge Gallery at 7001 W. Colfax yet, you still have time. Adam Gildar of the Gildar Gallery in Denver was the jurist for the show. The Gildar Gallery creates exhibits featuring new contemporary artists. The show features 18 Edge artists. With so many artists, there will be a wide variety of contemporary works. You are sure to see works that you love and some that you don’t. See it with a friend for lively discussions.

This show of contemporary art will continue until Feb. 24. On March 1, a new show will open featuring artists Gayla Lemke and Mala Setram-Wolfe. Both artists have taught art students at the League of Denver. Lemke creates surprising ceramic sculptures and installations that reflect her background in carving and in draftsmanship. The show of sculptures and other work by these artists will continue until March 17.

March 1 is also a Friday, and the whole Art District is celebrating with a New Orleans style party and First Friday Art Crawl. You can begin your visit with a stop at 40 West Arts at 1560 Teller and enjoy some snacks and drinks. Celebrating the Month of Photography, 40 West Arts will be showing an exhibit of photograph by their members. The Denver Brass, a 14-piece marching band, will be marching and playing throughout the district. As the band wanders, they expect to stop and play a song or two in front of all the district galleries. Other musicians will, also, be entertaining throughout the district. There will, also, be palm readers, artists demonstrating their styles, and face-painters. Of course, you can expect lots of Mardi Gras beads! If you are ready to celebrate Fat Tuesday on First Friday, you may want to bring a bag to carry home all your treasures. Dress up, grab some necklaces, feathers, and masks, and join the Mardi Gras party!