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Localworks Update

By Ashley Holland

What do you love about living in or around Wheat Ridge? Is it your neighbors? Your favorite local businesses? The urban farm down the street? Maybe it’s your easy access to nature.

Whatever it may be, Localworks wants to help you celebrate it. Live Local is a program that encourages people to find what they love about Wheat Ridge and share it with their neighbors and friends.

Currently, Live Local events fall within two categories – Active and Harvest. Active events give residents an opportunity to live a healthy and active lifestyle. One such event is Fitness in the Park, where Localworks partners with different gyms and fitness studios to provide free, outdoor classes. We’ve showcased several different fitness styles, including yoga, martial arts, Pilates and functional fitness. Localworks also organizes Cruiser Rides throughout the summer. These bike rides take participants to various businesses around town and offer participants an opportunity to get some exercise as they explore local restaurants. Finally, Localworks also has a summer Run/Walk Club where participants can get to know their neighbors on a walk or jog.

Our Harvest events celebrate the agricultural heritage and spirit of Wheat Ridge. At these events, we dive into various urban agriculture and gardening topics. In the past, we have had backyard poultry tours, seed swaps, farm tours, pickling classes and more. A favorite feature each year is the Colorado Honey Festival at Four Seasons Farmers and Artisans Market. This weekend-long event brings in honey enthusiasts from all over Colorado. At the Colorado Honey Festival, there are delicious honey products for purchase and lots of informative presentations on topics such as beekeeping, pollination and the benefits of honey.

Through our Live Local program, residents interact with local businesses, meet others with similar interests and learn more about all that Wheat Ridge has to offer. If celebrating your love for Wheat Ridge appeals to you, please consider joining our Live Local Committee. We are also interested in expanding this program to incorporate other interests and activities, so whether your interests fall within fitness and urban agriculture, or they are completely different, we could use your input.

If you are interested in shaping the future of this program and encouraging your community to live locally, please join us for our Live Local Open House on Thursday, Dec. 6 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m., at Infinitus PIE, 5807 W. 38th Ave. If you are unable to join us but want more information on getting involved with this program, contact Robin Baker at or 720-259-1030.

Ashley Holland is a Wheat Ridge resident and the Marketing and Events Coordinator at Localworks.