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By Laura Keegan

Iknow Edgewater citizens and businesses are aware and excited that our new Civic Center is almost ready for its opening. Make sure you go to the city website right away,, and register for a guided tour of the new facility on Saturday, Nov. 17, or Sunday, Nov. 18.

It’s hard to believe the construction has been completed so quickly and that our citizens, police department, staff and Jeffco library have such an amazing facility. What progress we have made in the past several years. Edgewater is truly becoming the city it has long deserved to be. I can’t thank our staff and councils – past and present – for their dedication to bring this and all the new development we are experiencing to fruition.

Edgewater is a small community. Because of this, it’s much easier for us to initiate a bond with our neighbors. That is our strength. In our recent community survey “the small town feel” was, as always, one of the highest priorities of our citizens. With that aspiration comes the responsibility to maintain our connections with each other and to be a part of the community through respect for and outreach to each other.

As mayor, I receive many citizen calls and emails regarding speeding in our neighborhoods. Please remember to drive with caution. Be watchful and aware of the many children and pedestrians walking, playing and riding their bikes on our neighborhood streets. We often forget how fast we’re traveling and all need to be mindful of the possible outcome of speeding. Please slow down for safety’s sake.

Another issue we are facing is a problem with drones in our neighborhoods. Please respect your neighbors and keep drones in your own space and avoid flying them into your neighbors’ yards. It can feel very invasive to have a drone hovering around your property.

An update on dog licensing: A few months ago, at the County Commissioners and Municipalities meeting, there was a presentation from Foothills Animal Shelter. Funding and licensing continue to be issues for this much-needed community service. Our pets need to have their health, safety and welfare protected.

It is the law in most cities, Edgewater included, that dogs must be licensed. Edgewater has the lowest compliance rate, with only 7 percent of our dogs licensed. The estimated dog population in Edgewater is 1,661. Most other cities’ percentages are low as well, but well above Edgewater at 10 to 24 percent.

I hope this information will encourage dog (and cat) owners to ensure their pets have their rabies vaccination and, with their dogs, go one step further with licensing.

You can contact the Foothills Animal Shelter at 303-278-7575 and Pet Licensing at 303-278-7577 to get an application and pertinent information regarding licensing. Donations are always welcome and needed.

Laura Keegan can be reached at 303-232-0745 (landline) or