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By Laura Keegan

As we near spring and summer, many will have extra vehicles to deal with. Here’s some information on oversized vehicle parking and storage in Edgewater:

No truck, truck-trailer, tractor, or tractor-trailer in excess of two thousand pounds or exceeding twenty feet in length can park for longer than two consecutive hours on a street within a district zoned residential or unless they are engaged in loading or unloading, or for a period no greater than three days listed on a temporary permit obtained from the Chief of Police upon a showing of exceptional need for such parking, nor can any detached nonmotorized equipment park on any city street, public way, or public property for longer than two hours.

Except for a travel trailer or tent trailer parked with an issued permit, no recreational equipment can be parked or stored on any street within the City for a period more than thirty-six hours within any five-day period unless that vehicle has been issued a temporary permit for no more than three additional days by the Chief of Police or his designee, based on a showing of exceptional need.

Except for the above, no recreational equipment or any other vehicle can be used for living, sleeping or housekeeping while parked on the streets, public ways, or public property of this City.

No person can park any motor home, recreational equipment or vehicle measuring greater than eight feet in height on any street within the City within fifty feet of the nearest point of any intersection of roadways; or continuously park, for more than 10 days on any street or roadway within the City, and you must have a permit issued by the Chief of Police or his designee for this. You can reside for no longer than seven consecutive days in a travel trailer, tent trailer or motor home on a street within the City. These vehicles can be parked along the front lot line of the property and between the side lot lines of the property and not within thirty feet of the nearest point of any intersection of roadways. Not more than three permits will be issued to the owner or legal occupant of, or in connection with, any single residentially zoned property within the calendar year in which the application for permit is made. For complete information see Chapter 8, Article 1, section 1212 of the Edgewater Muni Code.

With warmer weather ahead, remember to reach out to those neighbors who may not be able to keep up with their yard maintenance. It can be very enjoyable and rewarding to work together.

City Council has again updated our tobacco laws. In the Council Column, Caleb Rountree has explained this in more detail. I’m very proud of our continued progress over the years.

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